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Discuss Using Examples, One Or Two Areas In Which Advertising And Marketing Communications Have Been Criticised For Moral And Ethical Reasons.

Introduction advertisement and grocery place communion be powerful educational way which is has ability of reaching and inspiring large audiences . Yin (1994 ) Advertisement and trade communication can not be hold to commercial-grade purposes alone it is such powerful that it has to be withal accommodate for public interest . Advertisement and market communication provides mode to communicate the need to buy function and goods However , with spirited competition being witnessed in many industries , many companies be tempted to invoke unethical and unmoral practices in their advertisements and merchandising advertisesCriticism of advertisement and market communicationThe issues of advertising and market communication practices are have in a flash taken centre stage and many companies are versed climax under great criticism of not detect morality and morals when carrying out advertisement and marketing communication campaign of their products Marketing experts continue to face criticism in UK concerning their marketing activities which hurt consumers . Such practices are deceptive practices , advanced prices , precarious products , superior pressure selling , intended obsolescence and short services to unsuspecting consumers (Ford and Richardson , 1994Deceptive practicesDeceptive practices are divided into three categories these arePricingPromotionPackagingDeceptive pricingThis implies announcing spirited discounts offers to consumers and traceing the consumer by using false advertisement , successive visits to the stores proves that products attracting high discounts are unavailable . The retail prices of other goods are wherefore kept unethically high prior to extending lofty discounts . possibility clothe line was accused in 1990s by a follow of customers for practicing this unethical advertisement practicesDeceptive p! romotionMany marketers lure customers to their stores finished self-aggrandising them promises which are not reasonable , after the customers conquers into these stores the marketers imbed crisp terms regarding the scheme after the customer has do a purchase .
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In addition the marketers may keep in line the work characteristics of the products to mislead consumers (Ford and Richardson , 1994Deceptive packagingThis involves exaggerating a product s package circumscribe by putting them in subtle design , or by using labels which are lead astray , or by describing the sizing of the product in terms which are misleading . A case in mind is the packaging of cookies which its take aim s of sugar were not accurately displaced on the labels (Frey , 2000Product safetyThis regards the manufacturing of faulted products because of family unresponsiveness , high product complexity , as hygienic as poor quality control . Many companies are wary of manufacturing poor quality items repayable to the increased consumerism and also due to regulators in UK fearing law suits as well as defile claims by consumers or other victims . However a number of cases of companies producing fault products have been noted . Brabbs (2000 ) gives an example of Audi motors UK which had to devolve a number of its new model due to virtually robotlike problemsConclusionThe ethical and moral issues are important in and deprecative in advertising and marketing communications of products . thither are a number of unethical practices which markets practices in to attract more than customers . However , a number of these...If yo u want to get a full essay, order it on our website: ! OrderCustomPaper.com

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