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Alice Walkers Everyday Use Essay -- Everyday Use Alice Walker

In every family there seems to be a child that is bestowed with all of the positive aspects of her parents. Unfortunately, for every perfect child there is, it seems that there is one child that is less talented and less beautiful. In the short story, Everyday Use, these two character descriptions fit perfectly in relation to the characters of Dee and Maggie. Dee is the gifted and beautiful child, whereas Maggie seems to have been left behind by the gene pool and luck. In her short story, Everyday Use, Alice Walker utilizes language, the disaster of the fire burning down Maggies familys house, and her portrayal of Dee to pain an extremely sympathetic portrait of Maggie. Walkers use of language when describing Maggie creates a picture of a physically disfigure and unintelligent woman. Maggies physical scarring is pointed out to the reader early in the story to lay a foundation for sympathy. Walker accomplishes this when she states that Maggie has, burn scars down he r arm and legs (383). The yield of fact choice of vocabulary by Walker creates an image of a deformed person that would not be aesthetically pleasing by either stretch of the word. Walker fortifies her effort to create a sympathetic Maggie with her vocabulary when Mama states, Sometimes I can still hear the flames and feel Maggies arms sticking to me, her hair locoweed and her dress falling off her in little black papery flakes (384). The words arms sticking and hair smoking generates a grisly image in the readers mind of a grotesquely injured little girl that is quite worthy of sympathy (Walker 384). It is not exclusively the physical scars that were left by the fire that create sympathy about Maggies physical appearance. Dee is described... ...e evidence suggesting abuse provides the reader with feelings of sympathy for Maggie. Walker clearly portrays Maggie as the more sympathetic of the two daughters. This is created by giving the character of Dee all of th e good lucks and intelligence, but likewise pairing those positive qualities with the negative quality of arrogance. It is also done by creating the Maggie character without any of the natural gifts bestowed to Dee, but also saddling her with tragedy and allowing the impacts of the tragedy to be evident to the reader. Maggie is depicted throughout the story as a truly tragic character that has been shorted at every possible stop in life. Dee is portrayed as someone who has been given everything, yet has cancelled into a undesirable human being. It is this unfairness that is truly the root of her status as an extremely sympathetic character.

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Modernizing Locke’s Natural Rights Essay -- Government

In Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshalls article, An African Americans Perspective on the personality, he concedes that the founding fathers Constitution contained numerous imperfections. Marshall feels it was a product of time and tremendous courage that brought forth the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees an individuals Lockean rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Marshall believed the achievements that secured these individuals rights belongs to those who refused to acquiesce in outdated notions of life, liberty, and property. Thus, Marshall points out that the progression of time necessitates the modernization of the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson notwithstanding anticipated the future evolution of our society and substituted the words pursuit of happiness for property in the Declaration of Independence having realized that someday our values would reshape. As public support for federal involvement has change magnitude overtime, the Constitution is amended to better represent our evolving society. Although current public opinion favors federal support to tolerate access to healthcare, the design of our government dramatically lengthens the time necessary to implement modernize the Constitution. As the importance in maintaining ones health has increased in America, the public has demanded the government to provide healthcare, however, the Constitutional prose recognizes the right to health but not the right to healthcare. The current escalating debt the federal government is accumulating to provide backing for programs like Medicaid is increasing the probability the United States will one day default on its debt. Americas primitive system of health care, known for its outstanding... ... Society. Washington, D.C. Georgetown Univ. Pr., 1994.Faunce B.Med., Ph.D., Thomas. Who Owns Your Health Medical Professionalism and the Market State. Baltimore, Maryland The tin can Hopkins University Press, 2007.Marshal l, Thurgood. An African Americans Perspective on the Constitution in Shafritz, edited by Jay M., and Lee S. Weinberg. Classics in American Government. 3rd ed. Belmont, CA Wadsworth Publishing, 2006.The Declaration of Independence in Wilson, James Q., John J. Dilulio, and Meena Bose. 2011 American Government Institutions & Policies. Boston, Mass Wadsworth Pub. Co. Ruger, Jennifer Prah. Health and Social Justice. Oxford Oxford University Press, USA, 2010.Wilson, James Q., John J. DiIulio, Jr., and with Meena Bose. American Government Institutions & Policies. 12th ed. Boston, MA. Wadsworth Publishing, 2011.

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The Classic Period in Music :: essays research papers

Getting its name from art history, the classic geological period in music extends from 1740 to 1810 and includes the music of Haydn, Mozart, the first period of Beethoven, and Bachs sons. The classical period of music coordinated harmony, melody, rhythm, and orchestration more effectively then earlier periods of music. During the classical era the social function of music began to change from earlier juicy and religious connections toward more public and secular activities associated with the middle class. The rise of public concerts, the spread of commercial opera houses, the growth of music publishing, the increased number of musical theater pieces composed and played were all direct effects of the changing musical times. Among the many musical types of the period, the classical period is best known for the symphony, a leap of a large orchestral ensemble. The symphonic pieces generally had three movements, the sonata, the minuet, and the finale. Building of the achievements of earlier composers, Haydn, and Mozart brought the symphony to its peak in the last 20 years of the eighteenth century. Haydn excelled in rhythmic drive and development of theme-based music. Mozart also added to the symphony by contrasting memorable lyric themes in very full sounding orchestral settings. To satisfy the middle-class amateur, classic composers supplied a ton of new chamber music for all imaginable combinations. The piano sonata became a very important act of chamber music, especially after being refined by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. After 1765, the string quartet began to increasingly dominate the chamber music field. Unlike the concertos of the churrigueresco period, the classic era mainly emphasized the solo concerto. The choice of solo instrument, however, was somewhat broader then in the baroque era. There was more of a abridge during the classical period towards keyboard concertos. This style was originated in North Germany, by C.P.E. Bach, and gradually spre ad to other areas. Mozart took the concerto to its greatest heights. His incomparable ability to weave the complex strands of the concerto material without entangling or obscuring either soloist or orchestra has never been surpassed.

Impact of World War One on American Literature Essay -- Literature Ess

The Impact of World War One on American Literature As people mature, their beliefs evolve as a child it is calorie-free to be guided by adults, to believe in adults. As adults, people have their own beliefs. It is the period in the middle that is the hardest. As children stupefy to grow, they begin to push limits and question authority. The modernist period in American literature is comparable to those teenage years. In the early stages of American literature, America looked to her mother England for guidance. The very traditional literature that resulted had a strong emphasis on religion, family, and country. In early literature it was scandalous to question God the family was only to be portrayed as a supportive, loving community and dying for ones country was the ultimate act of bravery and honor. This glorification of war in early American literature and posture created unrealistic expectations in Americans concerning war. When these same young Americans marched into World War I, they were struck by the true horror of war the result was a backlash at the society that had deceived them.America has a long history of glorifying war. Many of Americas early presidents were war heroes, a tradition that started with Americas first president, George Washington, who was a soldier in the American Revolution. Being a war hero was sometimes all that was needed for a candidate to be successful in his bid for the presidency. Zachary Taylor, for instance, had never so far voted in a national election prior to his becoming president, but he was a war hero (Tindall 513). This exalted view of war filtered into American literature. American literature portrays war as the true test of manhood. Any real man should be more than willing to d... ...orks CitedEliot, T. S. The Waste Land. McQuade, et al. 2 1382-1399.Faulkner, William. type B Burning. McQuade, et al. 2 1137-1150.Howells, William Dean. Editha. McQuade, et al. 2 362-371.March, William. The Fate of Honor, Courage, and Patriotism. Company K. McQuade, et al. 2 931.McQuade, Donald, et al., eds. The Harper American Literature. 2nd ed. 2 Vols. New York HarperCollins, 1993.Owen, Wilfred. Dulce et Decorum Est. The Bedford Introduction to Literature. 5th ed. Ed. Michael Meyer. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 1993. 763.Pound, Ezra. Hugh Selwyn Maubery. McQuade, et al. 2 1325-1329.Stevens, Wallace. Sunday Morning. McQuade, et al. 2 1273-1276.Tindall, George, and David Shi, eds. America A Narrative History. 5th ed. New York Norton, 2000.

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The Impact of Technology on Education Essay -- Teaching Education Essa

The Impact of Technology on EducationTechnology affects every aspect of our lives. From romance to business, it has shown its presence everywhere. besides technology has had a huge impact on education that cannot be denied, and has done nothing but improve the quality and quantity of education.Today, schools be world pressured more and more to improve the technology they use and teach in the classrooms. Parents are placing this pressure on schools so that their students have the skills needed to compete in the real world job market. Students are placing pressure on the schools to improve technology by having more knowledge of authentic technology than the schools staff. Teachers in turn are placing tension on the schools to improve technology they want to increase efficiency of information sharing, grading, and communication in the classroom. Businesses place an emphasis on technology in schools so that the schools adequately prepare their future employees, the students. The government is also placing pressure on schools to improve technology in the classrooms so that Americans can compete, along with helping prepare successful employees to help improve the economy in the future. These pressures are welcomed however, as schools are eager to improve their current use of technology in the classroom.But why are schools so eager to improve their use technology? And why is there so more than importance placed on educating todays students with modern technology? The answer is simple because technology has such a positive impact on education, and in so many delegacys.In regards to Language Arts education, the prominence of word processors has helped to ease the work of editing and rewriting. Built in spelling ... ...mpus isthe use of WebCT. This entanglement turn up allows professors to create a source for the course syllabus, lecture notes and course calendars to be posted, along with public forums and public chat rooms. WebCT keeps track of what students are enrolled in what courses and when the student logs in, it brings up the information available for that students courses, along with notes if anything has been updated since the students last visit. All of this is available forLSSU students at their web page. These are examples of how exactly technology has affected education at Lake Superior State University.Technology has had a huge impact on education. It continues to shape the way we learn and what we learn today and in the future. As technology advances, so does the quality of education and that is nothing but good news for the students of today and of the future.

The Impact of Technology on Education Essay -- Teaching Education Essa

The Impact of Technology on EducationTechnology affects every aspect of our lives. From romance to business, it has shown its presence everywhere. But technology has had a huge impact on education that screwingnot be denied, and has done nothing but improve the quality and quantity of education.Today, schools atomic number 18 being pressured more and more to improve the technology they use of goods and services and teach in the classrooms. Parents are placing this pressure on schools so that their students have the skills needed to compete in the substantive world job market. Students are placing pressure on the schools to improve technology by having more knowledge of current technology than the schools staff. Teachers in turn are placing emphasis on the schools to improve technology they want to increase efficiency of information sharing, grading, and communication in the classroom. Businesses place an emphasis on technology in schools so that the schools adequately pre pare their future employees, the students. The government is also placing pressure on schools to improve technology in the classrooms so that Americans can compete, along with helping prepare successful employees to help improve the economy in the future. These pressures are welcomed however, as schools are eager to improve their current use of technology in the classroom.But why are schools so eager to improve their use technology? And why is there so much splendour placed on educating todays students with modern technology? The answer is simple because technology has such a positive impact on education, and in so numerous ways.In regards to Language Arts education, the prominence of word processors has helped to ease the work of editing and rewriting. Built in spelling ... ...mpus isthe use of WebCT. This web site allows professors to compel a source for the course syllabus, lecture notes and course calendars to be posted, along with public forums and public chat room s. WebCT keeps track of what students are enrolled in what courses and when the student logs in, it brings up the information available for that students courses, along with notes if anything has been updated since the students last visit. All of this is available forLSSU students at their web page. These are examples of how exactly technology has affected education at Lake Superior State University.Technology has had a huge impact on education. It continues to shape the way we bring out and what we learn today and in the future. As technology advances, so does the quality of education and that is nothing but good news for the students of today and of the future.

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Treasure Hunt, Pico Question

Title Treasure Hunt Assignment ? Pico Question The PICO question used in this assignment is In adult patients with unaw atomic number 18s term voiding problems, what is the effect of urethral catheter design compared with standard latex catheters on the rate of urinary tract contagious disease? Define doctrinal Review A systematic come off is a scientific approach that combines results from a group of original research studies and looks at the studies as a whole (Nieswiadomy, 2012).Systematic reviews are pertinent for evidence-based practice (EBP) because it brings together research on the effectiveness of treatments or interventions and helps clinicians decide which treatments or approaches are supported by evidence (Nieswiadomy, 2012). Titles Found-First Search The following are five titles found Cranberries for preventing urinary tract infections. Methenamine hippurate for preventing urinary tract infections. Cranberries for treating urinary tract infections. Prophylactic ant ibiotics to suppress the risk of urinary tract infections after urodynamic studies. Routine neonatal circumcisions for the prevention of urinary tract infections in infancy. Systematic Review Found-Second Search The systematic review that was found on the second search that specific onlyy answers the PICO question is Types of urethral catheters for management of short-term voiding problems in hospitalized adults by Katie Schumm and Thomas Lam. Summary of the Systematic ReviewDescribe how the systematic review applies to the PICO Question (1) The systematic review answers the PICO question in that it addresses risk and rate of urinary tract infections associated with types of indwelling catheters in adult hospitalized patients with short term voiding problems. Types of Studies Reviewed (2) Cochrane Incontinence Group Specialized Register of trials (May 24, 2010) was searched in addition to bibliographies of relevant articles.Catheter manufacture representatives were also contacted f or trials (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). How the Review was conducted (3) Selection Criteria Selection criteria were compromised of all randomized and quasi-randomized trials that compared types of indwelling urinary catheters for short-term use in hospitalized adults (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). Data collection Data collected was reviewed and then independently verified by a second reviewer (Schumm & Lamm, 2008).Clarifications were sought and disagreements were resolved as described in the Cochrane Handbook (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). Subjects Twenty three trials were conducted. Those meeting criteria were 5,246 hospitalized adults in parallel groups trials and 27,878 adults in star large cluster-randomized cross-over trial (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). Important Terms Defined and Significance (4,5) Urinary catheters were defined as small tubes inserted through the urethra (outlet for urine) (Schumm & Lamm, 2008).The review advance states that urinary catheters are used short term post-surgery or to monit or urine output in hospitalized patients (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). It is important to define this term because it is a main component of the root of study. Also, defining a term in a systematic review provides clarity and a clear-cut definition of the subject for those not familiar with medical examination terminology. Studies Reviewed (6) Full access to this review is restricted without a membership.The abstract and information cited by is accessible for free. From what can be gathered, thirteen different studies were reviewed for this systematic review. radical Recommendation and Significance (7,8) What this review concluded is that antiseptic or antibiotic coated urinary catheters might reduce the presence bacteriuria of hospitalized adults, and that siliconized catheters might cause the least side effects in men (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). However the review stated the evidence was weak.It suggested that more rigorous trials are needed to make a reasonable conclusion as to if antibi otic or antiseptic coated urinary catheters reduce the rate of urinary tract infections (Schumm & Lamm, 2008). This conclusion is important to nursing cover because it addresses some possible interventions/treatments to reduce the most common hospital acquired infection which ultimately leads to providing excellent patient care to promote and abstain optimal wellness.If further research does conclude that antibiotic or antiseptic coated urinary catheters are effective at reducing the rate of urinary tract infections, health care has yet advanced another step in resolving the huge of issue nosocomial-acquired infections. References Nieswiadomy, R. M. (2012). Foundation of Nursing Resarch (6th ed. ). Boston Pearson. Schumm K. , Lam, B. L. (2008). Types of urethral catheters for management of short-term voiding problems in hospitalized adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2008 (2). DOI 10. 1002/14651858. CD004013. pub3 ?

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Animal cruelty speech Essay

Imagine you were the one being tested on, imagine your skin being torn off alive, imagine your arms and legs being ripped off while still alive, imagine being burnt alive, fellow classmates even imagine losing your life, right so you arsehole satisfy former(a) species. Doesnt sound fun does it? Good afternoon Miss and fellow classmates. Many of you may ask what is zoology mercilessness is. Animal cruelty is the act of forcefulness against puppets, exam them just so homos can undergo their normal lives. Ask yourselves whats more important, mascara, or a living organism. They live and let out like us, they have feelings and hearts, and so what makes us better than them? Are we just murderers too? I stand before you today, to make you all aware of how alarming animal cruelty really is and why it MUST be stopped. I will discuss three arguments, the different types of animal cruelty, animal testing and at last why animal cruelty should be abolished. Lets begin with the differe nt types of animal cruelty. I strongly believe that there are several(prenominal) types of animal cruelty that many people disregard. When you trust of animal abuse you probably just think violence being inflicted on an animal, or difference it out in the cold, but those are just some forms of animal abuse. People are making animals fight each other until one of them has died while suffering an unbearably plaguey death, just for their entertainment. Animals are being slaughtered in the closely painful ways so that people can enjoy a nice delicious meal. Animals dont exist to be eaten they exist for having a life just as us clement beings.Each year, thousands of young and healthy Greyhounds are killed because they lack racing potential or have been injured while racing and are no time-consuming competitive. This means that they are being killed, simply for lacking the fitness level. Statistics show, that 12,569 animals are being cruelly treated every day in Australia alone. 65% of those metrical composition are dogs. Imagine your dog, who is like your best friend, being forced to fight a nonher dog, having its ears torn off, its legs ripped off while it screams and yelps for your help, but theres nought you can do about it, just sit and watch. Society doesnt realise how serious animal testing is, people are just testing animals for their own selfish selves. Do you know what disgusts me most? Animal testing It happens all around the mankind and people are only influencing it. Do you keeping that animals are suffering everyday due to animal testing? Worldwide, at least 22 animals die every second in labs dueto animal testing. Why is it that these animals are being tested on, being killed and we are doing nothing about it? Arent we just murderers?They seem to think that humans are most superior to everyone and were the only ones that deserve to live on this planet. Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are lo cked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to roam free and use their minds. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them. Animal cruelty is like a disease, it just wont stop, students I will now itemise you all my last argument which is why animal cruelty should be abolished. Classmates imagine your eyes being blinded, your skin being burnt off of your bones, your bull being ripped off or your legs or arms being torn apart. In todays cruel society, there are millions of animals that do not have the privileges we humans do. Talk about equality, these animals are getting no say in what they want.Each day, dogs are fighting ferociously just for human entertainment while these animals are powerless to refuse. Imagine for one whole day, animal cruelty was turned around, and we were the ones suffering. Animals are being left to st arve, disabled, blinded just for us humans. Over 50 million rabbits, I repeat over 50 MILLION rabbits each year are dying just for their fur. any year animal cruelty increases, there MUST be a stop. My fellow classmates, animal cruelty is a disregarded social problem that affects the world appallingly. Its nauseating to even mention the words, these people are no different from being murderers.Three arguments were discussed, the different types of animal cruelty such as animals being forced to violence and animals being slaughtered, animal testing which is used on millions of animals all around the world for human products and lastly why animal cruelty should be abolished and how horrendous it is. I encourage you all to make a decision now, think of the horrible lives the animals live as they wait for their death, think about the harm that youre doing to helpless victims. Animal cruelty isnt something that can be stopped with by myself, it takes an entire nation, and this is just t he beginning. Should animal cruelty be stopped? No animal cruelty MUST be stopped So classmates, I ask, what are you going to do about it?

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Discuss How Shakespeare uses dramatic techniques Essay

The audience have probably guessed that it will be an uncivilised argument as he wants the best for Juliet. This is shown at the start of his speech When the sunlight sets, the air doth drizzle dew But for the sunset of my brothers sun It rains downright. How now A conduit, girl? What, still in tears? His speech is well thought out and he shows he does have some annoyance for his daughter. He has imagery and alliteration in his speech which his main focus is on, rather than the main focus being Juliet. This allows the audience to have more kindness for Juliet as it shows Lord Capulet isnt really too bothered about her.He express his disapproval of her crying by saying evermore showering? He then moves on to talk about juliets grief which contrasts with the first part. He shows he disapproves of the crying. He has no savvy or understanding for why Juliet is so upset and this therefore allows the audience to have in time more sympathy for Juliet. He compares her to a ship saili ng in this salt flood he warns her she will also sink and be wrecked like a ship. Once Capulet has finished he rant, he leaves and Juliet is in a state of discouragement and worry. She begs her mother to help and she would rather die than marry.However Lady Capulet still offers no sympathy and this simply makes the audience feel even more sympathy for Juliet as both her parents have abandoned her. Lady Capulet agrees with Lord Capulet, she isnt angry with Juliet just naturally cold hearted. The audience may then enquiry that Lady Capulet could be as cruel to her and child as her reaction is shocking. Lady Capulet tells Lord Capulet that Juliet doesnt want to marry parish but is glad to him, therefore demonstrating that she feels he shouldnt be too harsh with Juliet because she is grateful.Lord Capulet asks lots of quick sharp questions without waiting for an answer which shows his anger adding more tension. Juliet harvest-time to try and stand up for herself as well as showing respect for her father but isnt best please that she is being pressure to marry a man that she does not love. He tells her that if she doesnt show up at the church h he will drag her on a hurdle to the church himself. Capulet then verbally abuses Juliet and because she was very pale after all the crying he calls her tallow-face. He claims he wants to hit Juliet My fingers itch. Juliet is his only child so his anger must be increasingly violent for him to want to hit her. Capulet final speech shows his anger towards Juliet. He uses words containing only one syllable showing his is irritated with Juliet because she doesnt want to marry Paris. He shows that he respects Paris far more than Juliet and tells her she will either be thrown out or she must marry Paris. but, and you will not wed, Ill pardon you Graze where you will. You shall not house with me. Look to t, think on t I do not use to jest. Thursday is near. Lay hand on hear advise. And you be mind, Ill give you to my friendAn d you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, Capulet says he will give Juliet to his friend. This is cruel seeing as she is his only child and is as if he owns her. She is treated awfully creating even more sympathy for her. She doesnt have a fair chance at life because of Capulet. Juliet then turns to the next person for help, the nurse. Juliet looks up to her like she is a second mother. She hopes that the nurse will know what to do as she helped Juliet marry Romeo to start off with. My husband is on earth, my combine in heaven How shall that faith return again to earth,Unless that husband sent it me from heaven By leaving earth? The nurses reply to Juliet as she cries out for heal shows how she is so different to Juliets mother being the complete opposite personality, yet she contrasts with Juliets loving nature. She shows how she is impressed that Juliet is so loyal to Romeo even though they have only been married for a matter of days. Her solution is however practica l and clever. She believes Juliet should go ahead and marry Paris as Romeo has been banished after him murdering Tybalt. She tells Juliet Romeos a dishclout to him.This is humour to bring over Juliet it would be better to marry Paris and move on. Once Juliet finds there is no real solution to her problem, Juliet gives in. She goes to Friar Laurence cell to make confession and to be asolvd this means there may still be hope if Friar Laurence can help her and support her. Juliet is left alone onstage as the nurse leaves, she has been abandoned by the people who have claimed to love her and support her. Juliet uses this opportunity to express he feelings in a soliloquy. This then shows the audience that she is a mature young adult and she cant rely on anyone to help her.She will no longer confide in the nurse as she spoke badly about Romeo whereas she had praised him in the past. She decides she will go and see the Friar and ask him for help. The soliloquy gives the audience a chance to sympathise with Juliet, as she finds herself realising the harsh difference in being young and growing up. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written number of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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Positive and Negative Advances in Biotechnology Essay

ergonomics and the research associated with it corroborate become an issue in which people either support, or are against. Technological advances in this day and age experience inclined scientists the ability to do things that were only dreamed about in the past. Research has given them the ability to find cures for diseases, to allow people to live acheer with new medications, and also to solve crimes that may have been unsolved due to a wish in technology. Biotechnology has given military personnelity a great deal of advances with new discoveries, save some may think its a franchise that is being abused.I intrust that biotechnology is one of the greatest discoveries that mankind has achieved this past decade. It has led the way to insist and improve the quality of life we live. Biotechnology has very positive effects and is encourage by many people, although there are many laboratories who have taken the power of science and used it for social functions that are selfish, unethical and unnecessary.Biotechnology has proved to change the lives of many people, it has given those suffering from diseases a chance to live their life without the fear they are going to die. Eliminating a disease or at least controlling its symptoms is the greatest breakthrough that we have yet seen. Medical biotechnology has helped those with cancer combat it and live interest free, it has prolonged the lives of those who may have already had death wishes.Currently the use of plastic artificial body parts, a fairly new concept, has allowed people to maintain their lifestyle without interruptions or fear of death. Its given doctors the ability to get out a heart beating again once it has hindranceped. The fact of genetic testing has alleviated many minds in hopes they result not have any lifelong health problems. Although testing can reveal problems and then worry them more. I believe that the worry is worth it because you are now aware of possible health risks and can l ive your life accordingly.In reading Tinkering with Destiny, there was a avouchment that I thought was very bothersome relating to the issue of genetic testing. Eleni, the mother of the family suffering from cancer had said, If I hadkn induce I carried the disease, I never would have gotten married and had children (517). People who think this way have limited knowledge of life and would rather make their life pointless and worthless than try to cut through an obstacle they are presented with. How would she feel if her mother never had her?HIV and AIDS are still the greatest threat affecting many in the alert community, as well many heterosexuals. I understand the fear people may have in getting tested because when I first inflexible to get tested I worried for days until I got the results and was very happy in knowing I was perfectly healthy. Even if I had been infected I would still want to be aware to prevent passing it to others and change my life accordingly. Research in th is field has come a long way in lengthening the lives of these ill-fated individuals who unfortunately know they eventually will die because of this disease. Although there is no cure yet, biogenetic research will play a large part in solving this horrible epidemic. Many of these medical advances are results of researchers who should be applauded for the work they do. Improving and maintaining a persons life is the greatest gift someone could receive, it would not be possible without research.It is not only the medical field or improving human life that biotechnology is greatly appreciated for, except also in the use of crime solving and forensic work. Blood and other bodily fluids has been a great help in solving crimes which the offenders may believe is a perfect crime, where they wont be caught. It has not only helped solving crimes, save solving crimes from the past where the technology was not available to do deoxyribonucleic acid testing. In reading William Tuckers story, DNA in court, he mentions From its inception, DNA profiling has implicated the guilty and exonerated the innocent in a way that was previously unthinkable (579). Imagine how thankful an innocent person school term in jail is to the person who had the idea to test DNA samples found at the crime scene. As well the guilty can now be properly punished for crimes they commit. Watching many court cases, I have learned that a crime is always traceable with the use of technology, its amazing how a crime can be solved because of skin cells found under the victims fingernails, which lead investigators to the offender.We have seen all the good that biotechnology can offer but there are individuals and laboratories that take advantage of modern science and use it for purposes that should be outlawed or at least strictly regulated. The big competition has been with cloning and altering the genetics of babies, also called designer babies. It is my opinion that the parents that go along and enco urage such research are acting in their own selfishness and vanity. Birth is a natural process and should not be altered in any means except if it is to treat the child for any problems. What is the purpose of cloning and choosing your childs characteristics? Isnt the whole joy of childbirth to see what two people made?Imagine all the heartbreak parents would have if their baby came out all disfigured? Also, if the idea of making your own baby was possible, would the parents be held liable if the childs characteristics are not what he/she wanted? Could the child then sue for such an improper selection? The whole idea is absurd and the government should forbid it. It is these researchers who will later be responsible for any wrongdoing as a result of this sort of experimentation.The researchers believe in fact they are doing a good thing for mankind, they get so caught up in their work that they believe they are providing a need for humanity. This was especially seen in Brave New Wor ld when Huxley wrote about the theater director of the research facility who believed his work was very important. He said, You should see the way a negro ovary responds to pituitary Its quite astonishing, when youre used to work with European material. Reading this passage gave me the feeling this person believes they are of a high status and how he must be so involved in his work that he can become upset when someone mentions something other than what he believes.The idea of living forever is something we sometimes see in movies, but it is now being researched to see if such a thing is possible. Imagine that, living forever, again messing with nature and the creation of God. If should a thing were possible we could stop the evolution of humans and prevent any future for anyone or us. Scientific research for ideas such as these and the government funding they receive is wrong. Government property should be used for important purposes such as healing the sick and improving andmai ntaining human life.Biotechnology is a fairly new concept and I believe it should be fully encouraged for meaningful purposes but not because of vanity and selfishness. We should not tinker around with the greatest gift that god gave us, life. by chance some of the biotechnological advances not related with medicine or crimes are okay, but they should be strictly regulated. There should be some sort of ethical enter of conduct of what should be allowed by law and what is not. We are in an age for many great advances, before its too late we should consider what is necessary to research. What is the disagreement if a child has blue eyes versus brown eyes anyway?

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Customer Service Essay

You are provided to answer the following questions either orally or written as agreed with your lecturer. Please write your answers very clearly. If you do non understand any of the questions please ask your lecturer for defined explanation Why is it necessary to clearly identify, before designing product and dish out offerings, guest needs, and what are some of the less obvious service aspects that might inform purchasing decisions?What are the questions that all customers ask themselves (consciously or subconsciously) before they commit to a purchase and how is the presented product/ service bundle likely to affect a customers purchasing decision?Being able to provide mature customer service is not an innate skill. It requires that employees receive appropriate training and learn to understand their role/s with regard to customer service. This applies to those employees who are in direct contact with customers and those who have no direct contact with customers. Employees who h ave good customer service skills will generally encounter fewer complaints. pick up the ways in which employees can learn the skills needed to provide good customer service.In any organisation there are both home(a) and external customers. Theseare all part of the customersupplier string. For the customer/ end-user to receive quality products/ services it is necessary that all aspects of the customersupply chain meet specific quality objectives. Who actually sets these quality standards and how are they set?How can an organisation encourage suppliersboth internal and externalto participate in actively ensuring quality standards are maintained so that fewer customer complaints are likely?How can you collect customer feedback about customer service levels, their satisfaction with products and services and any complaints they might have?Identify and explain the stages that should be followed when dealing with a customer complaint.Identify and explain the steps in the problem-solving process.

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Loyalty is just a tattoo

Having to realize that not everyone means what they say Is a hard Idea to fathom when youre more or lessone who means everything they say. This past summer I establish out my boyfriend had been cheating on me. To me this was the hardest news to swallow, to think the individual you trusted with everything, who was your backbone and your shelter In midst of the storm was not barely thinking about you and saying, l fare you to only you but to someone else as well.Instantly my world turned upside down, I ad to face the cosmos of the news I had found out. He apologized of course and in the end decided that I was the best choice for him, he wanted to make things plow and go forward in our relationship, but how do you begin to trust again? Where do you start? Is he sincere this conviction? So many questions running through and through my head so much hurt and pain sboulder clay. From then on I have guarded my heart like the grace it is and protected it from anyones harm. This situ ation elicited the most change on me because never will I ever love the same.I take my life twenty-four hours by day now, planning a future with someone Is so cliche similarly me. Had to realize that forever really is not forever and that relationships are day by day, anything could happen tomorrow. People change every day, they meet new faces all the time I feel as if someone finds a person who fits your spot in there life and who plays the role better will become your replacement and you will become nothing but a memory, to some people what means everything to them today can, become nothing to them tomorrow and thats just how some people are.Reminiscing on the days when I thought people waited till they were 21 to drink. Couples waited until they were married to have sex, people didnt do drugs. I thought you would always end up marrying your soul mate, I thought your friends were your friends and they would never render your side, that everyone you said I love you too would say it back, and that your love story will end up like the movies. Its good crazy how you grow up with all this love and hope in your heart and then youre thrown into what you think Is a twisted. KC and cold world but Its actually in force(p) life and you Just have to live It. In my head I tell myself Im still the same person I was a year past but in all reality Im not. This situation caused me to become more sensitive and more protective of myself more than anything. Never did I realize that a person could cause so much Inner pain and there was no cure, no David or Misspoken can fix this boo boo, but too face the reality of it all, and over time hoping to get better. My approach is sterner in dealing with certain situations, I feel as if people take me thoughtful that they will knowIm not the type to mess around with and will not play games. I quickly closed my heart and right now thinking about forever with someone Is Just put on the backbencher for now. Trusting someone has neve r been so hard until now. You never know whats going through the other persons mind and there honest intentions with 1 OFF be more to myself and not trust anybody but God. I Just play the role, and Just make it seem as if Im okay but deep down inside Im hurting everyday and I always ask myself what did I do wrong to make him want to cheat? Does he really love me?Does he deserve this second chance? Its eating at me all the time and I Just want the truth but no one seems to know the answer. That to me is what is affecting me the most. That causes me to zone out, get distracted, cry at night, ignore and stab away anybody who tries to get to know me. Im not sure how long will I be hurt or when I will find halt to my situation but it this has had the biggest impact on me this summer. The scariest thing about loyalty is that everyone has their own explanation of it. When I thought of my boyfriend I thought he was the most loyal of them all.I thought he would be different from the rest and that he could prove to me that all guys were not the same. When he said he love me I believed it, when he said he had my back I believed it, when he said he was loyal to me and only me I believed it but when all these emotions that I thought were so pure turned out to have flaws. I had begun to think maybe he was not lying and that he was exhibiting his own definition of love, compassion and loyalty or maybe he had been hurt before and his heart is guarded ND never realized instead of being the heartbroken became the heartbreak.Then I try to analyze the situation like I do all situations but still till this day I cannot come up to a conclusion as to why He would do that and maybe I will never know the real reason or never will I know the whole truth but for now I have to face the reality of it and in hopes to move on and be able to love again someday. The reality of it all is that not everybody means what they say, everyone has their own definition of love and that forever does not exist in this love story.

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Global warming effects Essay

northern cadmium companion began in 1969, as pinched Mike Kittredge, age 16, melted crayons to form a candle as a Christmas present for his Mom. A neighbor, mesmerized by his fabulous creation, distiled her desire to purchase nonp beil of his candles thus Yankee see conjunction was born. Mike used his pargonnts basement, kitchen, and garage to produce his aromatiseed candles. Five geezerhood later, in 1974, Mike moved e reallywherelapion into an old paper mill located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. In 1998 Forstmann Little & phoner fragmentnered with Yankee cd lodge and began to publicly trade on the NYSE in 1999.Mike Kittredge sold his first candle to a neighbor for $1.36, in 1969 and in 2005 Yankee Candle telephoners total sales were $601,180,000. Mikes humble beginning in the family crime syndicate has grown into a wholesale customer network of 16,400 store locations, a growing base of Company owned and ope pass judgmentd retail stores (390 located in 42 states), dir ect mail catalogs, its website, trans internal distri only whenors, and to a European wholesale network of approximately 2,200 store locations (2006) Yankees passion for fragrance has become a profitable entity with visions of continued spheric expansion.Yankee Candle Company has branded their merchandise as long-lived and material in fragrance. Yankee has flummoxed over 150 fragrances for their confused candle products. Their product gun product line includes jars, votive, tarts, wax potpourri, pillars, tapers, and tea lights candles. Yankees design is innovative and their scents are pleasant, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Yankee Candle Companys design department is visionary in developing candles to accent modern dcor and fragrances that assemblage to its customers. Yankee go outing explore and introduce aromas that are common to the Greek culture as they fan out into this unsanded merchandiseplace. Yankee Candle go away emulate their passion for fragrance and stick out a gigantic shape of choices for its new customers in Greece.The Yankee Candle Company continues to build on the passion and creative thinking of Mike Kittredge driven by a mission to warm hearth and dwelling house with the fragrances of deportment done excellence, innovation, and passion. Yankee has been dedicated to excellence by means ofout their 37 year history. A club spokesperson attributes their victory to, our vertically integrated ancestry model, which enables us to control most every aspect of our business, from product suppuration to manufacturing to distribution to marketing and sales. This structure allows us to consistently provide tall quality and innovative products (2006) Yankees innovation is evident in their candles and accessory designs, which acclimate too heterogeneous dcor preferences and the expanding transmutation of fragrances, which appeal to its customers. Yankee Candle Company is driven by an intense passion to spread the fragrances of li fe around the world for all to enjoy.The product expansion into the Greek marketplace is an otherwisewise step towards reach their objectives. Yankee Candle Company ordain expand its fragrances to blend in with the cultures of new markets. Yankee willing continue to develop partner mails with established Company owned retail stores as venues for their products to be sold. The candle company has already established Yankee Candle Europe with a 30,000 square foot distribution total in Bristol, England that provides Yankee products for approximately 2,200 stores. This distribution center will be used to exportation Yankee products to be sold by retail stores in Greece.The Yankee Company has decided to expand their markets and indicate out to the Country of Greece. We will be exportation our candle line product from the fall in States to Greece. The product expansion into the Greek marketplace is another step towards reaching their objectives. Yankee Candle Company will expand its fragrances to blend in with the cultures of new markets. Yankee will continue to develop partnerships with established Company owned retail stores as venues for their products to be sold. As Yankee Candle expands into new regions of the world, distribution centers will be built to service their wholesale store network. Where trade barriers, economical and political policies will allow. When expanding into new countries, Yankee Candle will establish an online shopping website to market and sell their products.Since 1994, the United States is part of the NAFTA presidency amongst three countries. The North American Free trade wind Agreement, cognise usually as NAFTA, is a free trade agreement among Canada, the United States, and Mexico. NAFTAwent into effect on January 1, 1994. NAFTA is as well used to refer to the multilateral trading bloc of North American countries. the inception of the Eurpeon wedding in 1957 six countries were a part of this jointu re. Nineteen further states have trades unioned in and creasted a successful union. Greece joined the EU January, 1981.The rallying and repatriation of funds risks the Euros exchange rate against the dollar, remains unstable. The low interest rates, cast upd competition in the banking industry, and continued reaping in commercial bank lending to raise bad debt and strong growth in consumer borrowing. Economic growth is forecast to slow in 2006 and 2007. The consumer price inflation slowed dramatically in Greece before its entry into pre-economic and financial union (EMU) in January 2001 and was helped by other temporary measures.The economy of the United States is stable made up of natural resource, labor and manufacturing, and investments. The United States has the largest and one of the most technologically innovative national economies in the world, with a GDP of 13.049 trillion dollars. Consumers and producers have nigh decision-making that form the eco nomy, but the presidential term alike has a powerful role on the effects of the economy.The economy of Greece is growing fast later on the implementation of stabilization policies in recent years. Greece remains a net importer of industrial and capital goods, foodstuffs, and petroleum. lede exports are manufactured goods, food and beverages, petroleum products, cement, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Greece is global leader in shipping, which is the transportation of goods and cargo by land, air, or sea.Types of currency used through out the world vary from country to country and or by region. The Unites States of America official currency is the dollar, symbol USD also known to be abbreviated by $. The US currency was adopted in 1785 by the United States Congress. The United States dollar is also known as a world currency in 1985 $300 billion dollars were in circulation,with two thirds existence out side of the Untied States. Each year the amount of U.S doll ars is being circulated around the world continues to increase. In comparison to the Untied States of America, Greece uses the euro as denomination of currency slip, symbol . Greece is part of the European Union also knows as the EU. What I found most interesting is the European Monetary Union has ceded control of monetary policy to the European Central Bank. Versus the Untied States taking control over their own currency.The European Union has a large economy, probably slightly larger than that of the United States of America with a 2005 GDP of 12,865,602 billion vs. 11,734,300 million (USD figures) (using nominal US Dollar GDP) according to the International Monetary Fund. relations with other countries in the region have been steadily better. Greece is working with Turkey to resolve their disagreements, mainly with regard to Cyprus. loser to resolve the division of the island of Cyprus may increase tensions amongst Greece and Turkey as the latter fi nds its bid to join the European Union partially dependent on success, but tensions rise sharply with Turkey over the issue of Cyprus. Greece is also assisting and improving relations with the economic development of the Balkans.The Balkans is now viewed by Greece as a greater threat to security than Turkey. Also, renewed instability in the Balkans leads to unrest in Greece and trade disruption. political corruption is considered higher in Greece than many other European Union countries. Politicians are dependent on media with strong ties to business interests. There is a politicized, anti-globalization environsal movement in Greece which is increasingly complicated in its use of the courts and the European Union to block large projects.United States culture is very diverse but due to the level of the American culture there are many integrated but exclusive subculture within the U.S. The subcultures differentiated by status, ethnic background, residence, religion or other factors that functionally combine the concourse and act stickly on each subculture member. The ethnic groups are White, Black, Asian, Amerindian, Alaska native, native Hawaiian, and other Pacificislander. The various religion are Protestant, Roman, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, and others. Lastly, the languages are English, Spanish, Indo-European, Asian, Pacific island and others. Let us not forget that the government type is constitution-based federal republic but strong democratic tradition. As a result, the subcultures have their own joint set of customs, attitudes, and mensurates.Greece is a diverse culture partial by its place at the crossroads between the East and the West and by the various occupations endured by the Greek people throughout history. The Greeks are towering of their culture which is the definition of their national and ethnic belonging. The Greeks culture is made of their traditions, religion, music, language, food and wines. Some of the traditions an d superstitions vary from one island to another.Many countries differ within a range of dimensions including social structure, language, religion, and traditions to name a few. The difference has all important(predicate) implications on marketing strategy of the product. The most cultural difference that has an impact would be traditions. Candle scent preference may differ from one country to another. The company may encounter resistance to some of its different scents or wax.The organization must careful research Greece cultural norms and understanding the difference between US and Greece. Cross-Cultural training (literacy) would be needed to make sure the company advertising or marketing strategy does not offend anyone in the other country. The candles should be affordable due to the unemployment rate within Greece however the organization must make a profit consider the cost to export the candles within that country.Yankee Candle is aware of the culture difference between the US and Greece, therefore staffing would be important to the organization. The organization would provide their US employees with language and cultural training. Yankee understands that one of their vendors Berlitz has experience and intimacy in cross cultural and language training that would help assist the expatriates. Berlitz offers a variety of programs and has been in thebusiness for 128 years, more than 450 centers in over 60 countries. Berlitz offers online, adult, children and teen programs for cultural and language training including one-on-one sessions. The cultural and language training would be for the family as well. The cultural training would be for two long time and 100 hours for language training, however if more hours are needed for language the company would approve this cost. The employees that are going on the international assignment would have other benefits including when they are expatriating back into the US. However, the expatriates will ask in just a da y of cultural training and language will not be necessary.The US dollar is not equal to the same amount in most other countries. Hence, the company would pay back an additional allowance to cover the difference. The cost of vivacious may be higher in the other countries, as a result a housing allowance is provided to the employee. The company does consider the cost living in the US and then compare that cost to living in Greece. The education in Greece is not the same for US citizens. As a result, to the language barrier and cultural it may be very difficult for the employees children to attend the local school in the host country for that reason nonpublic schools or boarding school may be required. Consequently the company is aware of this and therefore would provide tuition allowance.Due to the cultural and language difference there are going to be miscellany issues, so human resource has provided an open door policy. The open door policy would allow employees to express him o r she concerns and human resource will try to provide a solution to the problem, if possible.Supply twine management is an important role for the success of Yankee Candle Company to sell scented candles in Greece. Supply chain is most effective for optimal resource use, minimum total cost, and maximum value to the customer. Decisions with in supply chain are to buy your product or make your own. Yankee Candle Company already produces its own scented candles and will be the same for candles being shipped overseas. The production will be manufactured in the Companys 294,000 square foot facility in Whately, Massachusetts. As a manufacturer, the Company is able to closely monitor product quality and control production costs, which ensures high qualityproducts and maintains affordable price.Information has been gathered from the Greece from the candle business industry. This data will assist in forecasting how a lot product is needed for a three months supply to meet the supply and ta ke up in Greece. Lead time for the initiation of Yankee Candle Company to enter the Greece market is 10 months. In turn this will give enough time to meet the three month stock supply. The information gathered from the Greece candle market will support the types of scented candles that will be produced to ship overseas. Lead time for the shipment to arrive at the distribution warehouse is three months the life span of a candle is three years.Placing our product will be near or around the largest cities and ports in Greece. The largest and most important city in Greece is Athens, the capital with population based in 1991 of 748,110. The largest port in Greece is Thessalonki, with a population of 377,951. Also another large port is located on the North part of the Peloponnesus, is a major seaport, with 155,180 inhabitants. Other sizable cities include Lrisa (113,426), Irklion (117,167), and Vlos (76,463). The ports and its population are important factors in knowing were to place the Yankee Candle Stores. These would be in areas in the region that have the most population and are easily accessible to Tourist from vacation boats that may doc on these ports.Promoting Yankee Candle Company in Greece would be similar as it is currently in the Untied States. Through its retail stores the Yankee Candle company would open in Greece, direct mail catalogs. To include a large market Yankee candle will also promote is U.S product through television commercials newspapers, bill board singes through out the larger cities of Greece, and through its own web page http// Promotion for this product will be introduced to all who wants to have particular(prenominal) fragrances in their homes. Business will also be targeted to have fresh new fragrances for their offices. Candles are an clarified gift for all ages and for any special occasion.The middle class in Greece is the main target market Yankee Candle Company is promoting the sce nted U.S candle product. In 2005the labor force in Greece was at 4.72 million compared to unemployment rate of 10.8% figures from These figures give Yankee Candle Company the green light to proceed with international distribution into the Greece market. Pricing the candles will be 30% above the sale price of a U.S product. This will ensure the costs of having a U.S product of seas.Yankee Candles has successfully developed and market new products and earn enormous returns. We have success springs for the fact that it has a vertically integrated business model, with the in-house expertise required to design, develop, manufacture, distribute and sell our candle products. Our vertically integrated business model acts as a powerful platform to support our product innovation initiatives. This business model included strong research and development activities, an experienced employee team, and a basis skill in test marketing our products.We self-possessed these resources to r esearch consumer interests and home decor buying trends, and then to create original candle designs, fragrances, accessories, gift sets, home fragrance merchandise, and personal care items that align with our findings. We then release this merchandise into our distribution channels in a way that permits us to seek and track consumer feedback. This process positions us to fine-tune our new products from performance, to packaging, to labeling, to pricing helping to maximize the potential for each item we develop to have a successful soak up and widespread acceptance. Together, these efforts helped to drive sales, attract new customers and extend the appeal of the Yankee Candle brand.Once exporting was chosen as the mode of entry, Yankee Candle secured assistance from a company called, Export Trade of America to learn most insurance, tariff, and tax laws involved in trading with Greece. Yankee Candle Company will face various level-headed challenges when exporting its candles into G reece, but the process will go much easier with the help of an export management company. Yankee will need to comply with employee laws and have knowledge about hiring, firing, and discipline regulations in Greece. They will need to be acquainted with their legal system and how those laws are enforced. Greece is a parliamentary republic with a president, who is heads the executive administration, a prime minister, who is head of thegovernment, and a 300 buns legislature. The judicial includes a Supreme Court, regional districts, and prefectures to decide civil and criminal cases. There is a national police force as well as policing agencies from the European Union.As a member of the European Union, the EU laws supersede those of the individual member nations. Yankee Candle Company will need to be aware of the EU laws, enforcement, penalties, and necessary trade practices. The European Union could cause legal complications as the union adds new members, arbitrates disagreements amon g its memberships, and as competition increases in the global marketplace.There has been a longstanding relationship between Greece and the United States of America. The two countries have diplomatic, intelligence, and law enforcement ties. Greece and the United States, recently signed treaties covering extradition and mutual legal assistance, which further strengthened this cooperation. (2006) Trade between these two nations should proceed with success barring increased terrorism, war, or a terrific natural disaster that impacts the global economy.It is important for any company to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. As Yankee Candle employees examines their organization they listed the following as company strengths strong business model, long-lasting candles, well-branded product, variety of fragrances, adaptability of product to various cultures and dcor, strong financial backing, increasing profitability, expanding marketplace, efficient manufactur ing and distribution process, and an innovative product development. Yankee Candle Companys weaknesses include rising cost for manufacturing and distributions, technological skills, single manufacturing center, adapting products to various cultures and customs, and material shortages.There are several opportunities that must be pursued to maintain profitability increase presence in the global marketplace, expanded online shopping options, adapt fragrance choices to new markets, build opposed manufacturing and distribution center, and add accessories to their product line. There are many threats to the existence of Yankee Candle Companyincluding competitions pricing and product differentiation, terrorism, natural disasters, exchange rate, rising costs for manufacturing and distribution, and the products life-cycle.The external environment strengths include reduction in trade barriers, strong European Union, technological advancements, and utilization of websites. The external weakne sses are trade blocs, closed economic and political policies that prevent or limit imports/exports, and the affects of terrorism. External opportunities include improving the economic levels of third world countries, utilizing the skills, resources, and expertise of various countries to lower costs and create an integrated economy, develop innovative products, and create a global network. Finally, the external threats include terrorism, political instability, natural disasters, increased global competition, trade blocs that become fortresses against those outside their union, countries imposing regulations against outsiders who want to merger or acquire other strange companies, conflict among existing trade bloc members, and inflation/deflation of the monitory systems.Reference(2006, 4,12). The Yankee Candle Company, Inc. 2006 front Quarter Earnings Webcast. Retrieved 4/23/06, from SBC Yahoo Finance Web site http//biz,, retreived April 24, 2006.http// 5/13/06 from the World FactbookUnknown, Retrieve on April 23, 2006 fromhttp//, Retrieve on April 23, 2006 fromhttp//

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Literary History and the Concept of Literature Essay

Literary explanation and the c at oncept of literary works I From the 1970s onwards, much has been said slightly the writing of history and literary history that has cast doubt on its intellectual credibility. For example, Hayden Whites Metahistory (1973) included an influential analysis of the metaphorical foundations of 19th century history writing. In 1979, Jean-Francois Lyotard criticized grand narratives in La Condition post currente (The Postmodern Condition), and in 1992 David Perkins presented a integral array of sceptical epistemological and methodological arguments directed against literary history in Is Literary History Possible?.The questioning of literary history has not however resulted in the abandonment of large-scale literary-historical projects, rather it has inspired attempts to base such(prenominal) ventures on better designs and better foundations. Not least, many an(prenominal) new ideas ab pop the field be watch been put introductory in connection with t he preparation of two major works of literary history sponsored by the ICLA. It is in any case instinctive to point to two theoretical publications from 2002 the collection of essays, Rethinking Literary History, edited by Linda Hutcheon and Mario J.Valdes, and Marcel Cornis-Pope and seat Neubauers brief presentation of the ideas behind a history of literary cultures in East-Central europium. ii The Swedish project Literature and Literary History in Global Contexts, which was started in 1998 and will terminate in 2004, focuses specifically on some theoretical problems associated with the writing of literary history. We who participate come, mostly, from various fields at bottom oriental studies or from comparative literature. Since the project is sponsored by the Swedish Research Council we all work, or once worked, at various Swedish universities.One of the special features of the project is the interest devoted to world histories of literature, a genre where the superior ge neral problems of literary history become especially visible and acute. (I shall return to this perhaps unacquainted(predicate) genre in a moment. ) Three alpha cruces in connection with world histories of literature have been singled out for special tidings within the project (i) the understanding of the spirit of literature, (ii) the understanding of genres, and (iii) the understanding of interactions between literary cultures.These three sets of issues will be made the subject of four volumes of literary-historical studies and theoretical reflections, and these volumes will appoint the main concrete outcome of the project. In this paper, I shall concentrate on the first of the questions, about the notion of literature. I shall say a few words about the concept of literature itself, point out some of the difficulties that it occasions in a world history of literature, and conclude with a brief discussion of how such problems whitethorn be approached and dealt with. IIIn a in stinct, of dustup, there be genuinely many concepts of literature if every nuance is taken into poster, it may well be the case that each individual has their own. Yet if, conversely, one looks at the situation very broadly, one can say that there is an terrene concept of literature in Western culture which is widely sh atomic number 18d. That concept came into being in the course of the 18th century. Before that, no exact counterpart to our present concept of literature existed either in Western culture or elsewhere, and the distinction between imaginative literature and non-fiction was not of primary enormousness in the classification of texts.Wilt Idema and Lloyd Haft have given a concise and clarifying account of how earlier cultures thought about texts and their basic divisions. As long as no more than a few written works are in circulation in a given society, all texts are more or less equally important and valuable. If there is a dramatic increase in the number of wri tings, with a corresponding differentiation in their content and character, the texts are likely to be subdivided into the categories of juicy literature, professional literature, and popular literature.Literature (or high literature) is then the term for texts which are felt to be of general educational value and which are, accordingly, regarded as part of the necessary intellectual baggage of every cultured person. Works which oblige useful knowledge but remain limited to one specific area, such as medicine or military science, are classified as professional literature. Works mean only to amuse, and which have (or are considered to have) no educational value, fall outside the scope of literature. We may call these more or less despised writings profitless literature.In the manakin of intellectual culture described in this quotation, the fundamental distinction among texts is the one between culturally important texts and culturally less significant ones. In most such cultures immaculate antiquity, classical Chinese culture, classical Sanskrit culture, and so forth the class of culturally important texts would comprise most of what we call poetry, history writing, and philosophy, and unremarkably also another(prenominal) kinds of texts some administrative texts, some texts concerning magic, some letters, et cetera.Oral vernacular texts, or comparatively unadorned fictional narratives, what we call fictional prose, would mean(prenominal)ly form part of popular or trivial literature. For complex social, economic, and cultural reasons, this way of classifying texts came to undergo great though gradual transformations in Western Europe from the late seventeenth to the early 19th centuries. One of the very many crucial factors behind the carry out must have been the growing importance of a new, more rigorous conception of empirical truth, associated with the natural sciences.High literature, in the special sense described by Idema and Haft, had always aspired to truth in the sense of great human significance. As the distinction between empirical truth and empirical non-truth became more cockeyed and more significant and as many other, more or less bear ond developments were taking maculation new groupings began to emerge in the textual universe. Poetry became dissociated from scientific writings, and successively also from history, philosophy, oratory, and letters. On the other hand, fictional prose, especially in the guise of the increasingly appreciated novel, came to be regarded as one of the genres of poetry.With this, our modern notion of literature had effectively taken shape, and the term literature (whose main meaning in the 17th and 18th centuries had been something like education or culture) successively developed into todays normal designation of the concept. v III The late 18th and early 19th centuries saw the beginning of the writing of literary history of the history of national European literatures, of the h istory of European literature as a whole and, at least from the 1830s onwards, of the world history of literature.World histories of literature thus comprise a genre which has existed for around 170 years. Among its modern instances are such impressive works as the German xxv volume Neues Handbuch der Literaturwissenschaft (New Handbook of Literary Studies), published between 1972 and 2002, and the Russian Istorija vsemirnoj literatury v devjati tomach (History of World Literature in Nine Volumes) from 1983-94. vii However in the English-speaking world the genre is more or less extinct, and its very existence appears to be overlooked in the contemporary international discussion about the globalization of literary studies.These debates are primarily inspired by the widespread interest in colonial and postcolonial studies and place the hold few centuries at the centre of attention, while the traditional world histories of literature are, in principle, universal in scope, and are mea nt to cover all times and cultures. In many respects, it seems a good idea to have a world history of literature to fall back on. Such works can relate the various literary cultures of the world to one another and put them into perspective. Thus they may create a much needed overview, much as a map of the world helps us to comprehend veritable fundamental geographical realities.To some extent, works like the Neues Handbuch der Literaturwissenschaft and the Istorija vsemirnoj literatury do just that, and of course they also contain a wealth of information and intelligent discussion. Yet, despite their a good deal remarkable qualities, world histories of literature are typically profoundly problematic for a number of reasons. Two major problems have their roots in the very concept of literature. First, the concept is, in itself, an everyday notion. If employed without additional explications or stipulations, it is too imprecise and inconsistent to form the basis of a reasonable clas sification.Second, the concept of literature is a relatively juvenile Western invention. Its application to other times and cultures will easily lead to anachronistic and ethnocentric distortions. On the whole, world histories of literature are content to sweep such problems under the carpet. They typically prefer to swan on the everyday notion of literature and to include the resulting contradictions in the bargain. For instance, the concept of literature is traditionally apply in such a manner that the criteria for a work to be classified as literature vary depending on the time and the culture one is speaking of.Modern literature is most often seen as consisting of just fictional prose, poetry, and drama. When there is talk of older periods, the concept of literature is however utilise very inclusively. ix For example, ancient Roman philosophy, history, and oratory are not excluded as being non-fiction instead, such writers as Lucrece, Caesar, and Cicero are considered part o f the European literary heritage. The same duality appears in the treatment of other literary cultures. Thus, for instance, the sacred Vedic texts (circa 1200 circa 500 B. C.).

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Not so Good Literature Essay

Almost half of the population of young people have aim and have heard about Stephenie Meyers book downslope, a stratum about Bella Swan, an average fille borne of a broken marriage and who fell in sock with a vampire, Edward Cullen. The book enjoyed lots chew among young school girls and some boys as well, especi ally those in high school. It has provided young hearts and minds with ideals of fairy story love stories and superficial view of love and relinquish. gloaming has received much popularity, but the question of whether it is a trusty piece of literature or not has not been given up much attention amidst all this hype.Well, let me give you the answer for this the downslope books be bad literature, or to fulfill the requirement of the essay, they are not good for literary study. By literature, we mean, the assort of writings single outed for beauty of style or expression, as poetry, essays, or history, in distinction from scientific treatises and works which rese rve constructive knowledge literary works (Brainymedia. com). Thus, bad literature means not perishing the standards of literature from its definition which provides mentions it as a class of writings distinguished for its beauty of style or expression ( This paper would justify why Twilight is not good literature on the level of its signifier the plot, style, characters, and content the morals and lessons in liveness that it layabout give us. Good literature presents to the readers a complex and realistic plot, a certain literary style employing good use of figurative language and imagery and non-typical original characters. These elements define literary standards which distinguish literature from other forms of written works that bring themselves to be Literature. It adds to the enjoyment of reading and upliftment of the charitable soul.A good book must then net us with lessons that are useful for us to plough in all aspects, with characters that are po sitive for us all to emulate. The oldest literary critics have told us to choose how to teach and delight (Plato). Literature is not but thither to entertain but also to enlighten human minds about the workings of this life. Books that pass up these criteria can also be shelved with the likes of Charles Dickens, Khalil Gibran, Anne Rice, C. S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Pablo Neruda, to name a few (Pearl). Twilight Does not do Away with the Form Let me go over the form of the new(a).That novel did not do much when it comes to plot. It is too obvious and simple a girl meets a guy. Both belong to different worlds, and both larn to accept each other and come up with sort of a stamp love against all odds kind of a relationship. There is zipper new in this kind of story. Next, the literary style used by the author can pass up for an amateur writers story book. About three things I was absolutely positive First, Edward was a vampire Second, there was a routine of him and I didnt know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my bloodAnd third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. (Meyer qtd. in Goodreads Inc. ) This is a quote from Bellas narration of Twilight. This would sound more of a giggling girls journal entryway than that of a respected literary disciple. It is too explicit and superfluous. There are other ways to prove these thoughts. It could be by using images or situations and the like. Another alarming fact here is that Meyer had the inclination to filter out archetypes in a not so refined manner. Let us take Edward Cullen as an example. He took off the typical human blood-hungry image of a vampire.It could be credited as a good idea. However, the way Meyer has transformed him into a teenybopper boy-next-door type of character is definitely out of the question. Moreover, it is somehow impossible that an inhumane character like himself can go through the process of falling in love without much justification or establis hment that yes, a vampire can also love a human being. In Yahoo answers, one of the members said that Edward just tells Bella love lines and stares at her, blah. Twilight Possess means that Does Not Hit Off to Belong to the Average Thinking PersonWhat lesson can we learn from Twilight? Twilight raucously presents us with the concept that infatuation mistaken for love should be the center of our universe. Bella has met Edward for only quite a time, and they cannot just say that they would want to live with each other forever. It seemed that the love story has been sped up to have itself called a real love story. Bella cannot just walk up to Edward and say that she loves him given the fact that they only had little to no interaction at all when Bella arrived at Forks. What can we learn from Bella?She became a stereotyped damsel in distress who would need to depend upon Edward with her life. I am appall at how Bella reacts especially on the thought that she will be separated from Ed ward. Even a Twilight fan made mention of how she did not like this portrayal of Bella as a damsel in distress, and that Bellas character is also a bad influence among young women (Lichens). It is just a stereotyped fairytale love story. There is nothing much that we can learn from it in both love and life. Khalil Gibran speaks much about love and relationships as thusBut let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance among you. Love one another but make not a bond of love Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each others cup but drink not from one cup. cede your hearts, but not into each others keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree diagram and the cypress grow not in each others shadow. (Gibran)Love is standing fortified together and not being together all the time. It is a concept too far forward from what Bella Swan and Edward Cullen shared with each other. The book basically entertains with a limited readership of first-time book readers. Not everyone can take these words with ease. The book was able to deceive not a few fans but a large multitude. You can actually locate not a few but many quotes from the novel which you think might disprove my claim that the book lacks good use of figurative language, one of which is indicated objurgate here.Nevertheless, the timeliness or relevance of these quotes was not well-established, and aside from being cliche, they seemed to have been inserted to untimely situations in the novel, and they do not seem so natural anymore. Take this quote for example When life offers you a fantasy so far beyond any of your tolerateations, is it not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end? (Meyer qtd. in Goodreads Inc. ) or this Ill be back so soon you wont have time to scarper me. Look after my heart Ive left it with you (Meyer Goodreads Inc. ). One may also claim that Twilight teaches us good lessons such as being selfless and being willing to sacrifice for love. Let us throw this question back are the sacrifices that they have made necessary? We cannot expect that the public possesses considerable amount of literariness. Even people present in literary circles hail it as the very best. First-time readers might appreciate it, but there is a strong need to reeducate and process them that there are far more useful books than Twilight.There are books that can follow literary standards and are more substantial. Let us just see how long this book can withstand the strain of time and the criticisms of people in the mainstream.Works CitedBrainyMedia. com. Definition of Literature. BrainyQuote. com. 2009. 1 April 2009 . Gibran, Khalil. Chapter 3 Marriage. The Prophet. n. d. Cypress Online The Psychic Digest. 1 April 2009 . Goodreads Inc. Quotes by Stephenie Meyer. Good Reads. 2009. 1 April 2009 . Liche ns, S. A Unique Book in the Trilogy In All A Mix Between Vastly Disappointing and Tragically Romantic. Rev. of Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer. Amazon. com. 13 August 2007. 1 April 2009 . Plato. The Republic. Trans. Benjamin Jowett. South Australia University of Adelaide, 2005. 1 April 2009 . Pearl, Nancy. Book Lust. USA Sasquatch Books, 2003.

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Case Study: National Bank of Kuwait

Opting for exempt chi go away reduce the legal requirements to the minimum. Central Bank of Bahrain) According to the CAB, the initial capital required should follow of At least dickens real estate properties constituting 80% of the initial investment At close to 20% of the initial Investment should be Invested in development and other activities. Additionally, the CAB requires that the amount of fair-mindedness capital be at least 40% of the total value. All of the legal requirements as stated above require N.B. to provide substantial line of descenting at the onset of the Joint venture.There are galore(postnominal) pick outions available N.B. may elect to form a separate SSP to raise levered capital required as equity in he CHI. N.B. may invest in the CHI geological formation from unexclusive investments. N.B. nominate raise equity of unrestricted investment account holders using muskrat fur instruments under the banks name. I opt for the second option, given that the fund type is an open-type fund and N.B. can subsequently raise capital as demand without limitations as to the number of contributions.Further, in order to comply with Shari, N.B. must ensure that The fund does non disburse or receive fixed payments ground on principal (interest). All payments and receipts should be be either in the form of wampum shares or striations thereof or fee based flows. Profit sharing ratios and fee structures should be according to specifyual agreements made before the formation of the fund to avoid gharry. The agreement should include no clause limiting the exposure of the bank to mischiefes in contradiction to the stipulations of Shari without adequate Justification (e. . Limiting the exposure to loss for Arab al mall in a Muhammad contract without a valid justification which may be, for instance, gross misconduct by the midrib in breach of the contract resulting in the loss). To sum up, I suggest that N.B. raises property through equity of unr estricted investment account holders using Muskrat instrument under the name of the Bank to purchase the assets needed to set up a collective investment childbed according to the stipulations of the CAB. 2) How N.B. can raise Shari-compliant funds in extra of initial capital for financing of specific real estate projects. After formation of the fund, N.B. provide have to enter into joint venture agreements with real estate developers. This will require except financing as the portfolio will require investments for developing real estate assets in arioso countries in excess of the initial investment amount. Moslem finance provides many options for raising capital for such purposes, but two option are the most used Muskrat and Muhammad.Muskrat, basically, is a partnership where all parties provide finance and share profits according to predetermined arrangements. Management arrangements may differ according to the stipulation of contracts so does the management fees. Muhammad is a special type of partnership that involves a financier (Arab al mall) and an entrepreneur (midrib) whereby the undertaking is financed by the Arab al mall in turn for a profit or loss share and the midrib provides the actual work and technical expertise and receives a share of the profit.It is worth mentioning that the Midrib does non share losses. The solution to Nabs case is a two-tier financing agreement. There will be a Muhammad contract with the developer whereby the bank is Arab al mall and the developer is the midrib. There will also be a Muhammad contract between the bank and the bank and investors whereby the bank is the midrib and the investors are ABA al mall. The reason why Muskrat was not used is that, in common with investment funds, the manager does not share losses with investors.The common perform is to charge fixed management and other fees and charge commission on profits which is compatible with the Islamic instrument of Muhammad. This strategy better matches the inflows and outflows for N.B. as they will only act as intermediaries between investors and developers and will minimize exposure to loss. The income for the fund will be in the form of Fee income from investors Share of profit from the sale or rent of properties less developers shareThis kind of arrangement is common with Islamic banks when finance is not readily available internally Malden) However, the bank can also limit its risk exposure by taking a deposit from the developer in the form of Muskrat contract whereby the bank will be able to share some of the risk with the developers. This sharing of risk will solve the agency Muskrat partnerships that for their own interest, thus increasing efficiencies in their part of the Job as their net compensation will not contain a fixed minimum but can also extend to loss to a certain extent depending on the amount of the Muskrat contract.

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Stop Book Banning

Stop Book Banning Should crop administrators be all in allowed to criminalise books? Of course non They are abusing their power of having the right to teach children. They necessity to ban a book just because it shows the true past of the States, which whatsoever students hindquartersnot handle. They should not shield the past if anything they should retell everything about the past and explain to the students why the fifty-fiftyts occurred. They should understand why America did the things it did so that they will not be ashamed of the country that they live in and they empennage then defend their country to anybody severe to put it down.One causal agent administrators should not be allowed to ban books is because it channels the right and freedom to choose what is read, away from the parents and students. Doesnt it say in the first amendment that all people have the freedom of speech and the freedom of the extinguish? By writing a book you are expressing and sharing your opinions which is exercising the freedom of speech, and by place your words down on paper, you are exercising your freedom of the press. Why then are the schooldays administrators trying to take our rights away from us?What makes them think they have the right to take away our freedoms presumptuousness to us from the first amendment of the Constitution? The article Book Banning Efforts are Up, Poll Finds by Hillel Italie, says, It all stems from a fearfulness of well- ungenerousing people, said Michael Gorman, president of the library association. We believe in parental responsibility, and that you should take care of what your children are reading. But its not your responsibility to tell a whole home of kids what they should read. This is saying that yes you do have the right to decide what your kid reads, however you cannot decide what other kids should read. This as well applies to the administrators. They can decide what their kid can read, but they cannot decide what an entire school can or cannot read. Another reason to not ban books is because it vetos kids from reflexion intoing. How can we contract about the past and the way America was back when the great American authors wrote, when the administrators take away the books that teach us this, preventing us from learning?How can we learn of the language of the olden days when we cannot read this language? How are we supposed to learn the muniment of our ancestors and their ancestors when there is a possibility that administrators will ban the book that will help us do so? Why are the people of America letting these administrators get away with this cruel and unfair act? The article Let Me Poison My Mind with Books by Craig Pearson states, Just like muscles, the brain requires pushups.The much ideas we expose ourselves to the more we devise our own. Thats why education, and thus reading, is so essential, even if by some peoples account what we read is dirty. People should be able to c hoose for themselves what they read, and nobody else should be able to tell them differently. One person reads a book and learns something from that particular book. However, another person can read the exact same book and learn something completely different from what the first person learned.Why should this concomitant of life and learning be taken away because nonpareil person reads a book, learns something they dont like from it, and then proceeds to take that book away from others, even though they will roughly likely learn something different then what the person trying to ban the book learned? The reason for the first person trying to ban the book could be something that another reader does not even notice or care about and it therefore does not impact them. So why are people so worried? One argument to my case could be that some people find that these books should be banned to protect students from indecent and controversial material.But why should books be banned to pro tect one student in a school of hundreds, when none of the other kids or their parents feels that they need that kind of tribute? You can not protect one kid from material if it means preventing others from that material. Instead, the kid who needs protect should learn to protect themselves and choose not to read that material that could be harmful to him/her. Students need to learn to make decisions for themselves and banning material from a library is in no way helping them learn for themselves.If they are sheltered their whole life then what is going to happen when they embrace the real macrocosm? In the article Did You Ever Meet a Book You Didnt Like? by Sharon Coatney, she says, That creation said, books are meant to be chosen carefully. Some titles are appropriate in one situation and not in another, for one child and not another. I think she says it beautifully. Every kid needs to look at the book, asses it, and make sure it is something that they can and want to read. E ach book that is made has a purpose.This could mean that that book is meant to be read by a sealed kid at a certain point in their life so as to help guide that kid through life. each books have the chance to influence a kids life, so why would administrators want to prevent the book from somehow helping someone? Why cant the administrators put themselves in our lieu? If the roles were reversed they would feel the same as we do. Why then do they have no grace? Why cant they do for us what we would do for them? The saying goes, Treat others the way you want to be treated. Young children can do it. Why cant we?

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Dell Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Dell Corporation - Essay ExampleHowever the caller-out needs to take carry through closely. The main business is generated from PC sales. Most of Dells revenue stream is generated from sales of individualised computers. The global economic downturn is having the greatest effect on PC sales as companies argon reducing their spending on personal computers. Their spending may be going up in other harvest-time categories, but investments in PC are being reduced industry-wide. Because Dells main business is in PC sales, it is a strategic imperative for the community to craft a new strategic direction. The company does have diverse product offerings but the most important bulge out of its resource pocketbook is dedicated to manufacturing personal computers such as desktops and laptops. Dells main competitors are HP, Acer and Apple. Dell faces rising competitive menace from these companies because they have invested in a wide mix of products and services. For example, Apple is ge nerating profitability at the same level despite the economic downturn. This is because Apple maintains diverse product offerings based upon continuous innovation. HP is diversifying into service business. Because the western market is saturated, Dell has to focus on the fast emergence markets of China and India. However in China Dell faces a major competitive threat from Lenovo. Therefore Dell Inc. ... Therefore the company has a skill in retaining large corporate accounts which volition enable the company to face the competitive contestation from HP. Dell also has core competencies in transferring companionship across divisions in order to facilitate the highest level of quality in all the product categories. The company has shown great success in product diversification. These capabilities and resources form the core competencies of Dell Inc. The companys dominance is in the market leadership position that it holds in the industry with a loyal customer base of large commerci al and institutional investors. The company has also been successful in diversifying into additional product categories. The companys weakness may be its over-reliance upon PC sales which are being affected by the economic downturn. The opportunity is provided by the large corporate accounts which will enable the company to invest in additional product and service categories to strengthen the revenue base. The threat is the rising level of competitive rivalry in the industry. Although Dell might reduce the competitive threat to some extent by expanding to growing markets these markets also have their share of competitors, two examples being Acer and Lenovo. Dell is customizing its products by providing value-added services in the enterprise market. This market has been growing steadily because corporate customers are looking for ways to cut IT costs. Therefore, by customizing its products for the enterprise market, Dell will be able to make up for the loss of revenue from fall PC s ales. However the disadvantage is the possibility of over-diversification. In that case the company might lose cash in areas which are not its