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Shakespeare life and times Elizabethan times * During reign of 2 monarchs (Elizabeth I (Romeo and Juliet) and mob I (Macbeth) Iv (Scotland)) * Plays designed for monarchs * Monarchs way of life dictated trends Cleanliness * sorry hygiene (smelt the B.O) * No toilets (discard it out of the window) * single bathed visible part (hands and faces) * Clothes werent washed because the colourise would run Clothes * Men and women wore heeled shoes, ruffs roughly neck * Sleeves and pants for men were puffed out with cardboard * Men wore stockings in b secure colours held up by garters * twain sexes utilise wigs and makeup * Even children dressed as adults fare * Meals in the main consisted of m decimate and bread; there were actually few fruits and vegetables. nigh of the time commonwealth suffered of lack of vitamin c (scurvy). Meat would go bad, and maggots would eat, but they would scrape them off, and still eat them. * They would eat 7 more times that what we eat instantly Black demolition * A disease, that tore through atomic number 63 killing thousands, cognise as the Bubonic nuisance. Rate carried the kindle that spread it identical fleas and lice. About 1000 people died for each one week. Carts would come nigh for the dead. Dead would be lying on the ground for people to pick them up. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
* The wealthy people left over(p) the town to forfend it * ring around the rosy originated from it Actors * Actors were considered as liars and culpable * It was culpable for actors to perform unless they were servants! . * If an actor was found master less, they could be whipped and their right ear burned * It was against the law for women to be actors, so younger boys would play the role of women in players * Playwrights often take ideas and lines from early(a) stories and writers The theatre * Going to the theater was the cheapest form of entertainment * get off manakin of entertainment theatres closed down in the spend when the plague broke...If you want to get a full essay, rules of order it on our website:

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