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Australia And The United States: Parallel Histories And Cultural Similarities And Differences

Australia and the unite StatesParallel Histories and Cultural Similarities and DifferencesIt s in any casege non be denied that at that place are a lot of ethnic similarities and differences amidst the fall in States and Australia . These two countries both lease originated as British punishable colonies . After being penal colonies of Britain , these two nations became federal statesObviously , the linked States and Australia are very big(p) countries . The humanity map can prove this , because it clearly shows the toss off batch of these two countries . past from this , what caused a cultural similarity amongst the two is the move of for each one country to adjust when it comes to the topography and liquid body substance of aboriginal and Federal Europe and Great Britain . These two countries had to assu re a broad mass of landed estate which is entirely different from the aforementioned colonizing countries (Tarlock 5The fall in States and Australia define their nation tally to the cultural and political set of Great Britain . While these two countries are transforming into multi-ethnic societies , both believed that they had to be defined by British values (Tarlock 5The fall in States and Australia had to survive in a community where an aboriginal nation never penetrated mainstream finale . Survival of such pre-settlement was confronted by these two countries , and it was a battle for both of them since the aboriginal world was never legally , economically , socially or culturally unified into the mainstream community (Tarlock 6That being said , the United States and Australia practiced and observe law to reserve each country s cultural hostel and identity . Australia for exemplification , had a law that benefited its indigenous great deal maculation the United States , on the different hand , protect t! he rights of their Indians (Tarlock 6What , thusly , makes these two countries culturally different from each other ? The react comes from one key concept : geography . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
geographics is the main reason why there are cultural differences between the United States and Australia (Leicester , Modgil 81The United States interior is very dynamic and change compared to that of Australia . The United States had so far successfully distributed its population equally on all of its large land mass (Leicester , Modgil 81 .Australia , on the other hand , has tropical and Mediterranean climates Its land mass precluded intensif ied settlement which occurred outside Australia s sailingal regions . Australia similarly has a population that still embraces the gentle climate of the coast in the northern Queensland coast and of Australia s capital cities . Australia uses its large land mass for environmental reserves , mineral origin and graze while the United States obviously do not (Leicester , Modgil 82How each country treats its indigenous people is different , too Australia s manipulation of its aboriginal populations is less complex than that of the United States since the Europeans who colonised in the United States appreciated the American Indians (John xiiiIn the American floor , the backup tragic players must be given to the Indians because they are considered central players in the history of the United States , too . The United States and...If you need to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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