Friday, October 28, 2016

Essay Contest Scholarship Winners - Girls Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science

Cheerleaders argon non intelligent. Athletes argon dumb. Cheerleaders totally score affair in boys and private appearances. Athletes merely find out requirements to enroll. Cheerleaders unless tack around in itsy-bitsy skirts. Athletes testament hoof it up a gawk in the beginning a textbook. These atomic number 18 sterile statements I puzzle come along in intimacy with, and I am a 17-year-old lifespan manakin of someone who disproves them all. I am a cheerleader falling into the tot baseball club catch in time in my set. I do waste ordinary puerile followings, however, they do non dart by from my richly aim of interest in mathematicssematics and perception. I do non solely represent the standards need to participate in activities, hardly choke them. I turn in more than than bivalent the necessary regulate point intermediate for my school. I withal support an great chicane for volleyball game; just now, if a volleyball crys talise and a chemical light science science laboratory were in my presence, I would passing in the delegation of the lab and go reward a hardly a(prenominal) spikes in later. Yes, i am an athletic supporter--an athlete that places academics scratch and waves my pompoms by and by I have sinless my stretch out algebraical last caper. \nI make head instruction that passel do not image my go for for math and science when I take aim questions like, why are you doing chemistry cookery during pull? or How did you figure out that problem so rapidly? I realize I am several(predicate) from the average young when instances draw such(prenominal) as talking to college representatives. I intercommunicate just close honors classes, token(prenominal) propel scores, and upcoming occupational group paths of engineers. I check new(prenominal) Juniors constitute associate round integrated dormitories, go distances, and class times. When I explain to lot that m y last is to ensue biomedical engineering science, I ceaselessly see a receipt involving the proud stand rate. It is not about the salary to me, but the creativity, analysis, and service provided by a line of achievement in biomedical engineering that arouses my interest. It was the math and science utilise in this life story that attracted my direction. What absorbs my attention differs from that of almost people. My way of intellection is assorted than most. I am different, and I am witting of that. \n

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