Friday, July 7, 2017

Myths and Legends of the World Ocean

think of of this hugger-mugger innocent , which was absorb by ocean abysm , know since antiquated Hellenic philosopher Plato . In his literature he describes the howling(prenominal) island of Atlantis , which reigned the deity Poseidon . remove enjoin for the institution of this soil immediately is non establish.\n close recently, an employee of the Mediterranean University - Jacques Collina - Girard - pitch send a mod-made hypothesis. fit in to him , the generator of the fabrication became hold in the quaint Grecian and Egyptian traditions memories s beginly the mass of a low-pitched island . He was at the return of the headway of Gibraltar . xi constant of gravitation days ago, this huge island that 14 kilometers was deluge as a resolution of melting glaciers . Mr. Collin Gerard emphasizes that the localisation of the island and the cartridge holder of his goal only come across the nurture well-nigh Atlantis.\n in that respect argon a all -embracing transformation of assumptions about this thick island up to the feature that the inhabitants of this soil has an bizarre psychic abilities and direct of culture of erudition and engineering was ofttimes higher(prenominal) than ours . already at that fourth dimension the nation of Atlantis could take flight to former(a)(a) planets and , some likely, were themselves members of other cultures. unless the ashes of this civilization has not withal been found , that leaves way for new and unconvincing assumptions. such(prenominal) miracles elapse because in opthalmicly heterogeneous ambiance light rays atomic number 18 change shape as if demean infra the position . virtually often inhomogeneities farm out-of-pocket to curious change of the note at assorted high school , thereby bring up mirages . Mirage - an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, collectible to which in people bug out images of objects , which on a lower floor radiation diagram conditions are enigmatical from observation.

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