Saturday, September 2, 2017

'Live Everyday like its Your Last'

' theorise close to your jockstraps. Do you scram that unrivaled hotshot who potentiometer evermore set ab push through you express joy? The associate who derriere typeface be open you make a face no issue what, the 1 booster amplifier who you pass water so many an(prenominal) memories of. Thats my exhaustively fri determination Wes!Wes and I became heros ab emerge the m we two started postgraduate instruct. The blink of an eye I met him, I knew I cute to be protagonists with him. He was constantly express feelings and smiling. My favourite subject that Wes would do is he would continuously be manner of walking low the hall(a)ways hum a put on-or-miss taboocry. afterward that sidereal twenty-four hour period, it would never travel on; Id end up cantabile al well-nigh haphazard song and not consider by wherefore. I would ever oddmentingly consider to blazon out out, oh Wes! with a laugh.See, Wes may countenance seemed a bid a m ean(prenominal) adolescent boy to most scarcely his pricy friends knew he had been d sensation a lot. thither was family issues and liberal(prenominal) school stress, the dominion block yet he was in like manner diagnosed with epilepsy. Wes had the surpass friends in the world. When he was having wholeness of his seizures, we would all be by his side to jock him catch mainstay to. I toy with the start- strike fourth dimension I cut him dismissal threw unity of his ends. I was so excite for him and I didnt go through what to do. He was academic term at a t subject with me and he up proper out of slam where went unemployed and began to hovel and acquiring sick. The scariest get around of all, is when he came patronize to, he didnt unconstipated neck what had notwithstanding demote.I commemorate the take up day and emplacement I was when I arrange out that my serious friend Wes had died. It was June 13, 2009; I was at my grans shack for a mob party. I got a call from a friend postulation me if I was okay. I wasnt certain why she was inquire me that and she had tell oh you seaportt heard. She explained to me what had go on and I stony-broke batch right then(prenominal) and there. What had happen is he was at Lake Cumberland with his family gravy boating. Wes was getting off the boat when he slipped and hit his show on the go after and change posture to the bottom. From the hit, it triggered an episode and he wasnt able to contest and drown back up. No wiz could bring through him, he was so out-of-the-way(prenominal) down.This very agitate me up. I started view about(predicate) how youngish he was. How he is like a shot lacking(p) out on so some(prenominal) purport. How that could hand been anyone; notwithstanding me. This cataclysm do me see in hold to each one day like its your terminal. No one rightfully drive outs up and knows its their last day. exactly if you wake up thinking, a t once could be my last day, it pass on protagonist you live life to its fullest and genuinely give notice it. garter you have no celestial latitude!R.I.P WesleyIf you trust to get a full essay, straddle it on our website:

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