Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Business - Essay ExampleThe decision of the corpse will be rested in the hands of the owner and the government or the legislative carcass of the state. However, many companies fail to follow interests of the last two components of the corporate law which are the citizens and the nation as a whole, its integrity, environment and culture. The trend of globalization has further intensified the competition in the business sphere, where apiece company tries to overpower other by whatever means available. Thus, in this race for power and money, it is the local people who become the victim of lies, cruelty and cunningness of companies money oriented intentions and plans (McFarland, 2004). This paper is an attempt to illustrate the factual essence of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and how and which companies prevail violated it for their self interests. For the paper argument, the Canadian documentary film The Corporation by Joel Bakan is made the prime source (Bakan, 2012). Example of Companies 1. Johnson & Johnson J&J is a noteworthy brand of cosmetics, shampoo and skin lotions. The company is one of the trend setters in the cosmetics world hiding which hides the hazard behind their good for skin products due to the brand reputation (CBS NEWS, 2012). The products of the J&J Company have been nominate to contain a diluted amount of Carcinogen Formaldehyde in their baby shampoos. In their essay to create a brand new image of a baby shampoo, they came up with an idea of No More Tears to attract their customers. From a customer point, it deal be regarded as a heavy(p) innovation in baby shampoo, but on the cost of healthcare issues (Mercola, 2011). Carcinogen Formaldehyde is one of the materials that can risk to Cancer in the later stages of life. This chemical is also present in their adult products and raises the query of whether their products are actually made for the benefit of people or just for their own benefits (NCI, 2011). However, after been found guilty by the Health and Environment Group, the company announced to remove those materials from its products by 2015. These factors leaves the questions that if products of the most noted company which are launched after great research are not safe, can the other products be trusted? (CBS NEWS, 2012) 2. Hershey Hershey is the largest chocolate producing company with worldwide recognition and consumers. It is evident that gross sales of the company is incomparable to sales of an average company, but still the greed for money cannot be ever satisfied (Hsu, 2012). Hershey Company has been of late indicted by utilizing child labor of Africa, for their cocoa harvesting and refining. The corporate government laws and those of International Labor governing body pee-peely states that child labor is an act of injustice and should be practiced anywhere in the world (Huff Post Business, 2012). Practices of child labor in the underdeveloped regions show their poverty and striv e to earn their livelihood. However, if the equal practice is supported by giant business personnel and organizations like Hershey then it is a clear sign of immorality and easy measure to get low cost labor (Hsu, 2012). 3. KFC KFC is another heavy(a) name when talking of corporate giants. It is the worlds leading fast food chain with its military posture in fried chickens. It is suspicious that how they fulfill the growing demand of chicken food items throughout the world, with the expressage number of farming

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