Monday, June 10, 2019

Reaching Hapiness, My Holy Grail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reaching Hapiness, My Holy Grail - Essay ExampleThis has highly motivated me to choose clinical genial travel as my career. I believe that my career willing help change the lives of many a(prenominal) community members because genial act upon is a profession that presents gracious and effective social services to groups, families, individuals, communities, and society to enhance and improve both the quality of life story and social functioning (Zastrow 28). Having mention clinical social function as my career, this paper will analyze my goal as a clinical social worker, and its importance both to me, and society. What Motivated Me to Choose Clinical sociable Work Due to the increasing mental and health risks due to lack of effective counseling in the society, I am, and I will continue place more efforts to ensure I achieve my goal in the next seven years. Clinical Social Work involves giving help to families, individuals, couples, and even little groups notice issue challe nging them, and provision of specific strategies in improvement of their exceptional situations (Ritter, Halaevalu and Kiernan-Stern 106). By definition, clinical social work is referred as social work theory and treatment methods application, to prevent psychological problems, impairment, mental ailment, and emotional disorders and also, helping the physically disabled community members. My goal is I will be a Clinical Social Worker in the next seven years. Since I was young, my dreams have been that one day I will pray for, and help many the great unwashed in the world in most burning life issues. Many people in the community has been addicted to drugs. This has consequently caused thousands of deaths because of cancer diseases caused by smoking and alcohol taking. In my own opinion, if these people in the community can be counseled and youths well advised before starting abusing drugs, cases of deaths of cancer will cease. To get people under these cases helped, I consequently ch ose to work as a social work. This will indeed, create a community of healthy and devout people. People will be healthy because when advised, psychological and mental problems are minimized. In addition, cancer cases will cease. In short, my interest in clinical social work developed because of my inner dream to help people get out of their undesirable situations. Significance of Clinical Social Work Social work involves a series of caring services like advice and guidance, education, health, housing community regeneration and development, social care and offering care and other services among children and junior persons. The social workers play major roles in ensuring that the above are services are rendered to the community. Indeed thousands of people in different communities find themselves into difficult life situations, unable to work them out. Social workers therefore, get in to help the community in solving the problem. Since helping people has been my hobby, I did not hesi tate in making a choice to join social work as my future career. Effective delivery of these caring services to the community will therefore, blot the significance of clinical social work career. Clinical social worker helps to enhance and maintain the coping skills of the people they are rendering services to, in spite of appearance the context of ones environment to achieve a living balance in case confronted by challenges (Ritter, Halaevalu and Kiernan-Stern 106). This means, social work professionals help people in the com

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