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Associate degree program in nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Associate degree program in nursing - Essay Example An individual must also possess clinical experience to function efficiently in teaching. A baccalaureate degree and two-year experience in nursing are also a requirement. Faculty is defined as individuals employed to teach nursing education programs. The qualifications and responsibilities in nursing or for medical assistant differ depending on the program type and degree offered. The faculty is followed by a description in educational obligations, responsibilities, and information about the faculty positions. The requirements for assuming nursing roles are mandated by several organizations. These organizations include Maryland Board of Nursing, national accrediting bodies and the policies of an individual college. The reference regulatory programs are based on the Maryland Nurse Practice Act. The minimum qualification for a faculty in nursing is a master’s degree in nursing and an RN license from Maryland (School of Nursing: Associate Degree, 2012). These qualifications might be waived with respect to an individual nursing program under certain circumstances. 7. Intended Approval/Accreditation Preferring an entry program to nursing career is a personal choice. Finances and age determine the choice and future career plans. Students who want to take nursing and have bachelor’s degrees in non-nursing fields need to take an accelerated BSN or second-degree BSN program. These programs are for students who have a bachelor’s degree in the non-nursing field. Accelerated programs are fast and intense; thus, students are required to have a 3.0 GPA or higher. These programs offer students an opportunity to earn BSN in less than 16 months (Gun, 2012). Associate degrees in nursing or for medical assistant are designed to give students skills and knowledge of becoming competent nurses in various settings. The program combines theory, clinical practices, and lab experiences. It is mandatory for students to complete general education courses and nursing c ore courses for attaining an associate degree in nursing (School of Nursing: Associate Degree, 2012). There are three-entry levels for students who want to take a nursing degree. Different types of schools offer these levels. The 4-year BSN is preferred by most schools for entry in nursing programs because it offers job opportunities to students. Many classifieds have BSN as a requirement for any position because it is the entry point for nursing practice. The second year associate degree concentrates more on technical skills than theory; thus, it is a steppingstone to BSN. This associate degree program allows students to become registered nurses and earn money faster than students in a 4-year BSN program (Gun, 2012). Therefore, it works better for students since they are able to make a livelihood for themselves. Second year associate degree is the entry level for nursing students taking technical nursing practice. 8. Student Selection and Requirements The associate degree program i n nursing or for medical assistant has a mission of preparing entry-level registered nurses for care of health issues across different parts of the world (Miller, 2009). This program respects the individuality of every student as it considers people coming from different cultures and having different educational backgrounds. The goal of the program is to provide a positive learning by instilling critical and

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