Sunday, August 11, 2019

Urbanization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Urbanization - Essay Example This had led to sprouting of skyscrapers and tall building to house the many people residing in the towns and cities. Similarly, many people are building business empires to provide space for businesses and other economic activities. Therefore, urbanisation in the current world has been significantly improving. However, urbanisation has led to a number of adverse conditions and effects. One of the most dreaded effects of urbanisation is air pollution (Vallero, 2008:13). With an increase in the number of people, businesses, industries and other economic activities, the air becomes polluted. This creates an environment that is not conducive for human existence. There are different types of pollutants that enhance air pollution in the world. First, primary pollutants are directly linked to air pollution. These pollutants are directly involved in making the air impure after the missions. For example, sulphur dioxide is emitted into the air by factories in many urban places. This is considered as primary pollutant, since it is directly linked to polluting the air. Other primary pollutants include emissions from cars, automobiles, trains and offices (Sajimon, 2010:11). Secondly there are the secondary pollutants, which are instrumental in making the air impure. When the primary pollutants react together, they cause a tertiary form of pollution. For example, smog created after reaction of two or more primary pollutants results into secondary pollution. Both secondary and primary pollutants are a threat to life, as they affect the air in the atmosphere. A number of activities have been cited to be the major causes of pollution in the world. The first cause of pollution that is prevalent in the world is burning fossil fuels. In many parts of the world, different people use different sources of energy. In many instances, people burn coal, petroleum and other combustible fuels to produce energy. While burning

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