Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How does changing the ways in which we connect to others offer us new, Essay

How does changing the ways in which we connect to others offer us new, positive possibilities How does it affect us negatively - Essay Example There are plenty of ways to connect nowadays, though the old traditional one is coming face to face for a conversation – it enables the fullest effect and the most genuine emotions. However, it is often impossible because of the distance, lack of time or other factors. Nowadays, technologies offer the mankind a thousand options and opportunities – for work, shopping, entertainment and communication. One doesn’t need travel to another part of the country or even the world to see and talk to his/her relatives as it is now possible to call them on the phone, e-mail them or write on Facebook. Keeping in touch with friends is also much easier via social networking technologies, and prompt professional communications are guaranteed as cellphones, faxes and computers are always at your fingertips. In general, technology has been playing a significant role in our lives recently, and its importance continues to increase. Growing popularity of the World Wide Web make us mo re and more addicted to the new ways of communication and connecting to people. In fact, our entire social life beginning with childhood is now dominated by technological means of communication, which produces a complex and dubious effect on us. Technologies as new ways of connecting to people may either offer opportunities or impose difficulties on people, and this issue is considered in works of Sherry Turkle and Adam Gopnik. Adam Gopniks essay, â€Å"Bumping into Mr. Ravioli†, offers a look at the issue of overwhelming technologies, perpetual busyness caused by them and the state of suspension in communication between people. Turkle elaborates on related ideas in her book, â€Å"Alone Together† (the fragment of which was offered for reading), promoting the idea that technologies crowd our lives overwhelming us and making us tired of life they make possible. Thus, technological means of communication and connection to the outer world produce an ambiguous mixed effect on

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