Monday, May 6, 2019

Achieving Food Security in Saudi Arabia with Sustainable Foreign Research Paper

Achieving Food Security in Saudi Arabia with Sustainable Foreign Direct investment - Research Paper ExampleThe climate of the rural is very hot dry in summertime and mild cold in winter. The country is blessed to have the biggest oil reserve in on earth, offering its citizens high living standards to enjoy a comfortable living. Nevertheless, the peeing resources in the country argon insignificant making it very hard to the government to be independent in agriculture particularly with the fast population increase. As Saudi Arabia was always relies on imported viands, it is untrustworthy particularly with immediatelys politics between laws and countries. In addition, Saudi Arabia cannot spend in local agriculture because of water shortages. Therefore, Saudi Arabia sought to put their funds in foreign nations for agriculture. A lot of these investments in divest nations are not sustainable because of extreme poverty, bad infrastructure and political unsteadiness in some(a) nation s particularly in Africa which can put Saudis agricultural investment at a high risk. This study is rooted in previous analysis and studies, which were carried out in the field of fare security in Saudi Arabia through looking at significant academic resources on the field of FDI, and some cases concerning agricultural investments in deprived nations, which specified on the matter of neo-colonialism and land grabbing. This article investigates agricultural investments overseas and its objective to make agricultural investments further sustainable. It can be used by agricultural bodies and investors to evaluate the risk of FDI in agriculture and also give solutions concerning sustainability to grant forage security. This article is irrupt into eight parts. First, it will mouth about the world(a) food crisis. Secondly, it will talk about the food security in Saudi Arabia. Thirdly, it will talk about the concept of FDI and its uses on agriculture. Fourthly, it will talk about the challenges of FDIs. Fifth, it will discuss Neocoloniasm and then the Negative aspects of FDI. Finally, it will give the recommendations as per the findings along with the conclusion. global Food Security Over one billion individuals, almost a sixth of the globes populace, suffer from chronic (severe) hunger (Heady & Fan, 2010). It is a disaster with devastating and extensive effects. Lack of food weakens the insubordinate system and also slows down a childs development. 50% of all cases of childrens stopping point are caused by hunger (Heady & Fan, 2010). Under nutrition, as well as chronic hunger, mainly arises from widespread poverty. Individuals who are poor cannot afford to buy food. Hungry households use more than half of their income to purchase the food they require to survive with. Food cannot travel from excess to shortage areas across and within a country due to barriers at the border, poor roads, as well as checkpoints along the way (Heady & Fan, 2010). Without sati sfactory food, grownups fence to work and children, on the other hand, endeavor to learn, making sustainable financial development tough to attain. The global society normally uses the phrase food security to explain not just the availability of food, but also the capability of purchasing food. Food security refers to having a dependable source of food and adequate resources to buy it. A family is regarded to be food-secured when its members do not live in fear of starvation or hunger. Guarantying worldwide food security will only become more complex in the afterlife as the need for food is projected to go up by 50% over the neighboring two decades (Heady &

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