Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Discussion Questions Week 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Discussion Questions Week 5 - derrierevas ExampleThey select fruit juice. Passing the grocery shelves to explore options, the consumer sees fruit juice on the cheer label and picks up the bottle only to realize in the post-purchase situation that the production did not action their needs. The ethical problem in this situation is one of being misled and the comp any should reconsider new pose tactics which are low cost and easy to incorporate.Instead of focusing on the products attributes, a new positioning tactic should be decided which focuses less on the product and to a greater extent on quality. Rather than calling Sunshine a fruit juice, it could be marketed as a quality fruit juice substitute to undo any negative public relations damage do by the consumer and government groups. In this situation it was probably not an intentional deception, however the company does contain the responsibility to be as truthful as possible to avoid losing customers and reputation.Technol ogy impacts marketing in a variety of focussings, including how quickly the marketing message can be received by the consumer as well as how many consumers can be reached. For example, in a form of mass advertising, email and mobile handset devices can target willing buyers who have already shown an interest in the product by signing up for auto promotional alerts. Those consumers who might have visited the companys website can receive exclusive coupons, as another positioning strategy, to build loyalty in a way that the bricks-and-mortar sales environment could not.Technology also impacts methods and activities of distribution, as new software programs designed to enhance inner(a) warehousing functions can minimize labor costs associated in the supply chain or any other number of cost reductions. More efficient external partners can minimize the risks and costs of marketing. This is an great improvement when marketing budget is on the line.From a business to business view, tech nology such as the VoIP, or voice

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