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Human Resources Management in Supporting Corporate Strategy Dissertation

Human Resources Management in Supporting Corporate Strategy - Dissertation Exampleman and operational risk in an boldness 14 2.13Talent management 15 2.13.1Talent management in Abu Dhabi government 15 2.14Employee engagement 15 2.14.1 Culture Difference 16 2.15Total quality management in HRM 16 2.15.1TQM practice in UAE 17 Chapter 3 Methodology 19 3.1 interrogation Philosophy 19 3.2 Research Approach 21 3.3 Research end 23 3.4 Data Collection Methods 24 3.5 Data Analysis 24 3.6 Limitations 25 Chapter 4 Findings and Analysis 26 4.1 Evaluation of the human resources system 26 4.2 Primary research findings 27 4.2.1 Analysis of the ethical questionnaire 27 4.2.2 Analysis Interview Questions Answers 30 4.3 Discussions 34 Chapter 5Conclusion& Recommendations 35 Chapter 6 Personal Reflections 37 References 40 Appendices 45 Research Proposal A 45 Interview Questions B 51 Interview Questions & Answers C 52 Online survey questions& Results D 59 moral philosophy Form E 71 List of Figures Fi gure 1 The number of respondents from different departments of Abu Dhabi 28 Figure 2The distribution of the length of service of the respondent 28 Figure 3The responses of the respondents in response to the agreement of the Abu Dhabi vision 2030 29 Figure 4Ratings provided by the respondents with their concern about their respective departments 30 Chapter 1 Introduction Research Question What is the methodology that being utilized in the current HRM system of Abu Dhabi government entities and institutions? Is this methodology adequate to support Abu Dhabi business strategy in basis of recruiting and developing employees and managers? If yes, rationale support is needed. If not, rationalize it with evidence(s) and suggest solutions to improve the current methodology. Aim The aim of this research to improve human resources practices in Abu Dhabi government entities that willing support... The attainment of the prosperity and the generation of wealth has been the apex criterion of th e government of Abu Dhabi and the Federation of the United Arab Emirates has highly relied on the people which it thinks to be the true wealth. For the point of the achievement of its role, federation of Abu Dhabi will be highly focusing on the achievement of its own comprehensive and multifaceted vision. The vision was targeted at the creation of a confident and security and also towards the establishment of a sustainable and globally competitive economy. The high level management of Abu Dhabi has entitled all the governmental entities in the preparation of a insurance policy paradigm which would be consisted of a large number of integrated initiatives already implemented and will be incorporated in the future for the purpose of achieving sustainable development. For materializing the vision, there must be effective functioning of coordinated work within the governmental entities and that of the Abu Dhabi government. The continuation and distribution of the discernment of the ob jectives of the Abu Dhabi government will generate the superstructure of future success dynamics.The competitive and globalised economy depended on the influx of human capital, the dimension of the social and human resource policy incorporates within it a systematic amalgamation of multifaceted goals and initiatives which needs to be highly understood both by the government and the private sector as they act.

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