Saturday, June 15, 2019

Business Continuity Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Business Continuity Management - Essay ExampleBritish Red carrefour is a Non Governmental Organization developed as human welfare NGO that operates nationally and internationally. The British Red Cross is an unbiased and neutral humanistic association, operational in cooperation with the United Kingdom and out of the country, whose of import task is to aid public in disaster, no matter where they are. They have a officially hackneyed hold up purpose to the United Kingdom administration in humanitarian welfare issues. Presently they are running a world-wide voluntary system with collaboration with the global Red Cross and Red Crescent association. This whole globule network works and reacts to inconsistencies, natural tragedies and mostly in the single tragedy. 1 By means of serving those by no options to other resources of economic assistance, the British Red Cross was responsive that the plan has positioned a standard and had elevated a number of signifi dejectiont inferences for its employment in four main regions 2The basic motive of this research is to present and evaluate and argue the Stakeholder Analysis and a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). This research is initiated through a Civil Contingencies Act (2004) they work very closely with Category 1 & 2 responders and as a result they need to have a business continuity management (BCM) strategy in place so that they can continue to operate and give assistance to Category 1 responders in the event of a crisis or disaster. 3In this section I exit present the detailed study and explanation of the working structure of the British Red Cross. Here my aim is to find out the main and essential factors regarding the main function of the British Red Cross. The BRC or British Red Cross and Red Crescent association is the globs chief disaster discourse and response association. The BRC (British Red Cross) is a main participant in the worldwide humanitarian societies. British Red Cross is an active association which arranges public for, recording by means

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