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Paul Gauguins illusion In The Paint Where Do We Come From What Are We Essay

Paul Gauguins illusion In The Paint Where Do We Come From What Are We Where Are We Going - Essay ExamplePaul Gauguin had presumably referred to this soul. In his painting WE does not refer to material world that are unreal and that which our mind personifies.This paper is trying to establish intellectual and philosophical aspect of gauguins painting on this ground. The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in its publication Aspects of Vedanta has saidSankara is not alone in drawing our attention to the illusory nature of empirical keep. Plato, Kant, and Hegel adopt the same view, and in recent times, Bergson, equipped with all the knowledge of modern science, arrives at the same conclusion. The intellect,he says, disguises reality, misrepresents it, and presents to us a atmospherics world, The painting of our topic very much reflects this illusion suffered by the artist, though, it seems, he very much understood that real is different from this illusion. Also, Paul Gauguin relf lects the illusion suffered by this world. Ingo F Walther in his book Paul Gauguin 1848-1903 The Primitive Sophisticate has mentionedThe spectrum of human activity encompassed by the painting spans all of life, from birth to death, in all its wondruous diversity. The new-born pip-squeak lying in the grass, seeing the light of day for the first time, marks one boundary of Gauguins stage, and the carewornold woman who looks so downcast as she meditates upon the past marks the other. Between the two lies the copious adult world of fears and joys. The exotic idolin the background, and the two people walking (possibly lovers), are on that point for atmospheric effect, and bridge gap between Man and the natural setting. Gauguinreveals con steadrable ambition in the way in which he placed some best-lovedsubjects in his panorama - the relaxed reclining nude, the figures sitting lost in thethought, the cult statute. The figures are there to evoke associative meanings, rather to explain or illustrate. Gauguin was not concern with being understood rather, he was interpreting life as a great mystery. The worlds lack of understanding, which was pushing him towards suicide, was obliquely expressed in his emphasis of the expectant and incomprehensible.Footnotes**Page 45 and 46 in Aspects of VedantaPage 80 in Paul Gauguin 1848-1903 The Primitive Sophisticate By Ingo F WaltherThe painting by word picture the various stages of life, in effect has carried the message that life is full of changes and life is nothing but an illusion. Even the animals and birds found in tha painting undergo the changes of life which is an illusion. The blue sky found in the painting is also an illusion. The painting depicts the convulsions of his mind and his yearning to show the world the difference between the real and unreal.The other side of illusionBut, interestingly, illusion is having another side.Swami Lokeswarananda in his translation of Mandukya Upanisad has said Even to

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