Wednesday, August 28, 2019

African American Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

African American Culture - Research Paper Example To start with, the power of the Afro-American culture lies in the fact that it has been highly significant in the way of resisting the racial oppression (this is not only a factor) in the American society and have been generating highly innovative dynamics and platform which comes from the oral tradition from which all other cultural forms have evolved. It has been found that the Afro-American oral tradition have remained as an immensely innovative and learning process for the K-12 students in the American schools. Thus with a glimpse of its significance here it requires more elaboration with a discussion of its origin, its segregated forms, its development and its implications in the society in an elucidated fashion (Hamlet, 2011, p.27). Robust nature of the oral tradition The tradition attached with that of the oral communication generally comprises of the old sayings, proverbs and various other cultural products which have been not archived or recorded. The tradition or the enigma of the oral traditions is kept intact through the help of communication through the mouth to mouth communication from one generation to other generation. The diverse forms of African American cultures and their archetypes teach the lessons about the way of living and that of life. The oral tradition can be said to be one of the fundamental mechanism for the cultural expression as well as that of survival. The oral tradition also is predominant in the maintenance of the cultural heritage and that of reflection of the collective spirit of the race.

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