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The life of Peter Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The life of Peter - Research Paper Example During the life of Peter he faced accidental greetings, scenes which were divine and most importantly he faced refusal. Hence it is believed that the story of Peter in the bible is one of the greatest narrations that depict a transformation in the way of life. It has been observed that amongst all the twelve believers Jesus had during His rule on Earth, Peter is considered to be the most candid of all. Undoubtedly he was considered to be the part of the most gallant advocates of the belief. His birth was of a common man but the death was of a great apostle. It has been observed that the start of his life was very modest in origin. As mentioned earlier the original name of Peter was Simon. It was Jesus who improved his name to Peter. The name Peter has literally originated from the term Petra which means "rock". Peter was basically a fisherman from the Galilean times and is apparently the brother of Andrew. Peter and his brother are considered to have their origination from the settle ment of Bethsaida. It is said that Peter was also a follower of John (Baptist). He was married. Before he had experienced divinity was a corrupt and sinful man. The guilt of being sinful was seen at various occasions, especially when he was in the company of Jesus Christ. Peter and his brother Andrew have the honor of being the first believer. (Meyer, 35) Since the fishermen of that time were fierce, bold, fearless, hot tempered and often used abusive language all these aspects were also present in Peter. Since their job requires physical labor which had made them rough and tough. They were full of themselves and had a bossy attitude. Their life was rough and bold as they had encountered various ups and downs in life like storms and thunders which had shaped their personality. Peter before he had met Jesus was lost and did not have any goal in life. But once they found Jesus without any further thoughts they starting to believe Him and followed him. They did not question Jesus Chris t and left everything behind for the sake of being good humans and firm believers. Like I mentioned previously, peter was one of the first believers of Jesus Christ as well as he has the honor of being the spokesman of Jesus at various occasions irrespective of the good or the evil. The thing that separates Peter from any other disciple is the unique vision he possessed which was related to the image of Jesus. Jesus's title that is 'Son of the Living God – The Savior' was also given for the first time by this noble man. He was so humble and considered himself so guilty of the sins he did in his earlier life that he used to feel that he did not deserve to be in the company of such a holy man. The love Jesus had for his him and his brother made them distinct and the â€Å"fishers of men†. There were certain flaws that were associated with Peter. For instance, that the boldness Peter flaunted most of the times became wrong for him. It is said that once he scolded the God and claimed that he could even sacrifice his life for Jesus. Despite this when Jesus was arrested and trialed, Peter refused the Lord around three times. Jesus was insightful and he knew that among his disciples who is actually honest to him and who would ultimately cheat on him. Peter has the honor of witnessing many miracles associated with Jesus from his own eyes. Along with two other disciples he witnessed the Shekhinah Glory during the time of Transfiguration. This is considered to be the time when the humanity

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