Sunday, September 8, 2019

Objectives Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Objectives - Assignment Example The assumptions that are contained in the theory are put into practice to determine if they stand as claimed or otherwise. On the other side, research is the process of coming up with new ideas and knowledge in the nursing discipline through either laboratory tests or experiments or going out to the field and collecting data for analysis. Research is what is on the ground, and any information that is as a result of research is deemed to be accurate and thus ideal for making informed decisions (Tappen, 2011). The three elements correlate as they depend on each other. For instance, research is the initial step among them all; personnel go out to the field and collect empirical data for analysis. However, most nursing research is laboratory based where experiments and tests are conducted to ascertain some principles or facts. Once the research has been established a theoretical framework or documentation is developed on which individuals who want to further their knowledge in a particular field learn from (Moule & Goodman, 2009). Theory is what is taught in nursing schools after research has been conducted, and the relevant theoretical frameworks designed. Nursing is a practical discipline thus all the knowledge that is learned theoretically in class has to be put into actual practice, which entails dispensing theoretical knowledge that is taught in class in a real world environment to ensure it is consistent with what had been earlier researched. Therefore, practice is what the entire nursing profession is built on as it is the act of rendering services to the patients (Moule & Goodman, 2009). However, discrepancies between practice and standards can be identified by comparing the outcome from the practical work with the standard’s that had been established earlier. It is prudent that standards are accurate and so that the outcome of the practical work can reflect what had been set earlier. Thus, discrepancies are dangerous as

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