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Term paper drafut Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Drafut - Term Paper Example Furthermore, with Japanese assistance and liberalization reforms, the country further made appreciable progress (â€Å"china's development: assessing the implications†). China has been instrumental in developing some of the most amazing and innovative products that the world has witnessed till date. Over the past three decades, the development of China has been remarkable. The country is often dubbed as the ‘engine’ of the global economy. 2. Population and its Composition China is a country characterized by diverse culture, language and religion. As of 2013, the total population of the country is 1,349,585,838. Among the overall population the following is the age structure. (Source: â€Å"East & Southeast Asia: China†) Age Structure Population 0-14 years 17.2% 15-24 years 15.4% 25-54 years 46.7% 55-64 years 11.3% 65 years and over 9.4% The above table shows that majority of the population belong to 25-54 age groups and this can act as a favorable factor fo r aviation business. The major religion of China is Daoist and Buddhist, Christians and Muslims accounts for 3-4% and 1-2% respectively. The major ethnic group in the country is Han Chinese which is about 91.5% of the overall population. ... around 95.1 % people are literate. In the context of occupation, the majority of the people are involved in the manufacturing sector (â€Å"East & Southeast Asia: China†). In addition, a substantial percentage of the population is also engaged in agricultural activities. 3. Mobility Despite the differences in the labor market trends, survey results reveal that the job mobility is high. The job market of the country is channelled through strong ties. The job changers generally rely on intermediaries to help them find new and better opportunities. However, this high mobility has a positive impact on the economic status. Every shift or rotation of job results in the development of economic status. Paradoxically, the mobility of place is low as Chinese workers prefer to work in their home turf (Bian and Ang 981-985). 4. Transportation Although, China still counts as a developing country, but its transportation infrastructure reflects something completely different. The transportat ion system of the country can match up with any other developed countries of the world. The major transportation modes of the country are airways, roadways, railways and waterways. As of 2013, the country has 507 airports and almost covers the whole country. The country also has a whooping 86,000 km railway network. In terms of its roadway transportation, China has the coverage of 4,106,387 km road. The waterways is another vital communication mode of the country, it has a coverage area of 110,000 km and is ranked at first position globally (â€Å"East & Southeast Asia: China†). The major seaports of the country are Ningbo, Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin and Shenzhen among others. The transportation infrastructure of the company clearly reveals that it is favorable for any kind of business. However,

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